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  1. I still can not join that forum. It just keeps saying I am a spammer lol
  2. I might try a different email address. After I submit my registration, it immediately tells me I am a spammer and my registration has been denied lol
  3. what are you serious???? LMAO Ive been on most of the day at work def better than that 12 or younger wii U one you can repost your Wii U review there and get no fanboy BS lol
  4. Hmmm, won't let me sign up. It thinks I am a spammer lol
  5. Will sign up now. Ya man that other sucked ass!
  6. check this wiiU forum out just joined the one we are both on pissed me off fack those guys LMAO
  7. That place sucks so badly lol. Even regular members there are leaving because of how bad the fanboys are.
  8. Just seeing this message bro LOL...Fack all those kids other there...I got banned off there 3ds forums for not being nice....smh I dont go on there much been about a week now lmao i think im due to go back and make some noise over there LOL
  9. Holy crap man! That Wii U forum has some serious fanboys...
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