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  1. HUZZAH !! lol. Good luck.
  2. to war my friend, to war!
  3. lol, only been in that airport once in my life about 10 years ago. Where are you heading?
  4. i was in shanon, was a lovely airport lol.
  5. Holy **** !! Where are you? lol
  6. why am i in ireland and your not? stop running from me!
  7. hope everything went well and you had a "fun" time
  8. You never know, maybe at the Halloween party tomorrow night..Im going as a Fighter Pilot Top Gun style !! lol
  9. still no ms the rave? you should work on that. just keep giving them those mysterious eyes we see in your pictures lol.
  10. lol, Im still pretty far away from Holly tbh.

    Blown up!? Seriously? Wow, that's insane.

    Nope not working, Ive started uni again..all the time is going into my studies and no Mrs yet.
  11. in england now huh? well don't go stalking holly lol. must be great over there.

    yeah i'm back in america. after being blown up twice and having my life saved literally by a water bottle i came back lol.

    you working? got a mrs the rave?
  12. Hey, Im at uni in England now..moved from Northern Ireland about a month and a half ago. Miss home, but its awesome here. What are you up to these days? Back in the states? Last I heard you were in one of the Middle East
  13. feel as though we havn't talked in ages. how've you been? what you been up to?
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