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  1. Sorry I couldn't reply to your psn message about DUST. I was in the middle of our first major corp battle. We beat the 64th wordwide ranked corp today. EPIC matches require full attention
  2. No idea, I havent spent any SP so
  3. Do you have any idea who banned ps3 and I? you are the only one with enough sp other than a mod
    *glares suspiciously*
  4. Happy Birthday General!
  5. Not to bad ty treatment went well now shes just tired alot
  6. Hey I was wondering how is your mother doing?
  7. I don't read the manga, but I hope the anime catches up by the time generations is out.
  8. Im waiting for final build
  9. Have you got the 1.8 pre release?
    or are you going to wait a day or two for the final build?
    There are serious performance and crash bugs right now, today I was crashing every 2 mins
  10. epic!
  11. My copy of ultimate storm 2 has a signed poster from kishimoto and handdrawn numbered art card of naruto as hokage lol
  12. Are you serious about leaving?
    Was thinking the same tbh.
  13. Im leaving forum !
  14. Chille, unfortunately you didn't get to be an why keep the Ixion praising user title and sig?
    Shun him!
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