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  1. Happy Birthday buddy!
  2. I'm ok. Wrapping up the semester and looking forward to time off. I haven't done my christmas shopping so I'll have time soon!
  3. ​I am pretty good thank you, and you?
  4. Hey chille I haven't seen you in a while how are things buddy?
  5. I know i should! Watching a mate play killzone 2 lol
  6. You better go yell at the developers then!
  7. Thanks pal always good to hear from you, im testing gotham city imposters but i kept getting kicked off
  8. That's good. I think this semester should be pretty good. Just checkin in with ya
  9. Not to bad, been a good month and you?
  10. hey how have you been?
  11. Happy birthday there!
  12. Happy birthday there!
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