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  1. Hey Kingpin! May I request a sig please? I can offer u some sp.
    EDIT: oh there aren't any, right? damn.
    I can offer a Google+ and/or a Google Music BETA invite!
  2. Thanks Dragon.
  3. good job with the avy, bro.
  4. hey KP, ur avy is funny! doesn't look quite as good as the real one tho! i could get my photoshop tonight and make u a better one because u always make me the greatest sigs.
  5. sure no problem. It's sitting at home, so I'll send it later when I get off work.
  6. OMFG! Wow mate, that is surely one of your best sigs ever. thank you so much. can you please also give me the .psd? i like learning from other people cause i make [bad] sigs myself

    mediafire or filefactory would be nice.
  7. Here you go

  8. oh erm just realized i had the psd like last year and i should still have them.
  9. tonite?

    i love you mate.
  10. sounds good, I'll work on it later tonight. Also I lost all my psd when my old laptop crashed :[ ... so I don't have them anymore.
  11. LOL my text was too long, here's teh full text:
    password: chickengrease

    omg i'm so high tech.
  12. I don't need a clan, thanks for the offer but I'm already in one.

    What kind of sig would you like? Give me pics and a few details.
  13. hey mate! the legendary [DF.] Killzone clan is revived for KZ3! please join in case you're gonna buy KZ3, we're very active and just have loads of fun together!

    btw, think ya can make me a cool KZ3 sig? if so, ima tell you what i'd like to have on it. sorry for being so ... direct but i do need a sig as a clan masterb1tch
  14. hi mate, how have you been?
  15. yeh absolutely. i almost stopped but i thought maybe we'll get everything back...
    coma should gimme my subscriptions its all i want. [need my threaaaads!]
  16. plus many people just stopped posting here because of the new look.
  17. we dont even have our friends, subscriptions or VMs.
    [and user sp is under settings now, duuuuuh!]
  18. Yeah doing good.. and you're right about the redesign lol.. its lame.
  19. yo Kingpin how r u and redesign sux!
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