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  1. Probably someone else.
  2. Ok, but i know i veresed some one with a similar name on satudray
  3. Yeah I have it, but haven't played it for years.
  4. Do you have resistance 2, because i think i versed someone with a similar name as your PSU username
  5. No problem, i just felt like i needed to show some proof, it never hurts anyone.
  6. It's not that I don't believe you. It's just not good to use someone else's signature. I know you didn't know, but thanks for removing it.
  7. This is where i found it if you dont believe me, and i will use something else. Its the third pic.
  8. Yes please that would be good.
  9. My bad man, i didnt know, i just typed in Resistance 2 signatures on google images and found it, i can change it if you want.
  10. Hey how did you get that signature?

    I made that for a clan member. It says his name on it, you should not steal what is not yours. It is not right.
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