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  1. Happy Birthday man!
  2. Very true. It used to make me happy doing sigs. But just recently I've gotten frustrated at my lack of improvement.

    But I'll just keep trucking along I suppose.

    Just finished this sig for the sprites SOTW.

  3. you should always do it for yourself if you feel that way you should try looking at tutorials/going to better active sites that provide better critique/ideas...try to keep doing something i guess, i usually do it because it makes me happy
  4. Little bit of RL, little bit of feeling that I am not improving, just doing the same sigs with different filler. And Photoshop is always acting like a bitch.
  5. rl getting to ya?
  6. Yeah I know man. I do the same sometimes. But from this point on, I'm done with design work.
  7. okay once in a while it is a mercy vote when there aren't particularly striking entries that week or you've at least tried to do something new. but its not just with you though i do it with every one tbh.
  8. i try to be as objective as i can be.
  9. That is never the case.
  10. whel its mostly cuz they are better then the rest.
  11. It always seems like the votes you give me are mercy votes.
  12. And then I get the sex.
  13. and you make the samich's
  14. Ahh, fun fun fun. I don't have to clean wife does it.

    But yeah, I'll definitely remind you.
  15. remind me in a month(if i dont do it that is and you remember then) right now i'm taking care of the house as my mum is out of town...
  16. You should make another tut man. Of doing that snorlax sig. ;D

    That would be awesome.
  17. soo kuteee
  18. Just thought you'd want to know.

  19. gud 4 u!
  20. So it is supposed to do that.

    Well the technique has allowed me to make five sigs. Even one for Vintage.
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