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  1. That's a shame. I really don't like to be the guy that says "hey, you should come back", but the place really has changed. The new owner, Mr. Bishop, is wholly more dedicated to this place than Seb was before he left, and Cuguy has been doing an amazing job at being the community manager. Moreover, we've really become a lot more lenient and understanding in terms of what we handle in the staff section, what we warn / infract for, and so on. If we'd been this way a year ago, I think a lot of the banned members would still be in good shape. Again, not trying to get you to come back permanently or anything, but the place has really changed, and it would be great to have a good poster like yourself around more often. While the site and staff are in good shape right now, we've lost a lot of really good posters; yourself included. It'd be great to have you back on board. Either way, thanks for stopping by. As you can see, a lot of the members here have a lot of respect for you.
  2. Never really spent much time in the Off Topic/Post Spam sections. Always big on the game stuff though. Yep, was SMC for a while.
    It was a culmination of things; the site not working half the time, losing posts, forum restores which would wipe posts (I lost a review once, and a BIG update to the Aussie thread another time. I used to keep TXT files on my computer with copies of my big posts/reviews it got that bad), then the place got hacked. Coupled with Seb never being around and never getting answers, and the whole debacle that erupted in the staff when I went to PSUni (got accused of siphoning off info and all sorts of ridiculous stuff that never happened - I went there to review, nothing else), it just seemed like an appropriate time to resign SMC and cut ties as the politics and broken nature of the forum had killed the enjoyment for me.
  3. You're one of the few guys who managed to get 20,000 posts without spamming half the time. I wasn't around back in your hay day, but I know you contributed a lot to this place. Used to be an SMC, too, from what I remember. I think I asked you why you left way back then, but don't quite remember what you told me.
  4. Felt rude to not at least pop in and say hello. Never really thought I'd have left an impression, but still a few people around here who remember me
  5. Good to see you, Deadpool.
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