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  1. Bro-seph....
    A ps3..... do you have one?
  2. An Irish guy walks into a pub holding some dog shiit,and says to the Landlord,
    "look what i nearly stood in"

    Happy st pats day
  3. Bro,when you getting PS3'ed up again?
    yes homo
  4. I'm trying, i figure i'll have it by christmas
  5. where you been boi? get yo ps3 sorted quick-style!
  6. it's all good bro, thankfully i was incorrect in reading the expiry date
  7. b1tch check your pm!
  8. sweet. did you get nox's agenda?
  9. they keep changing the release date, it's well annoying, but right now it seems like we're 26 days away, ocotber 1st release
  10. how long you reckon till the fifa hack will be out broski?
  11. yeah, too many threats
  12. you accepting friend requests yet captain?
  13. Where you at punk?
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