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  1. Happy Birthday man.

  2. Better?
  3. lol

    I'm not Welsh, so could you shed a little light on that? All I know is that there are sheep.
  4. If you're bored, sure. Make it Welsh
  5. Hey man, I could whip you up a new sig if you want.
  6. Heeey man, can you move the ban thread to an area that posts count? Just for a little bit?
  7. Cheers man for the game for the icons.

    That will definitely bring them in by the truckloads.
  8. Ahh, I wish the ban thread got moved out of the games thread. Peoples post counts would sky rocket.
  9. I moved some forum game threads out of the forum game section for a bit. Everyone got their posts in there counted for a bit.
  10. Care to explain or is it admin only shit.
  11. Yup.
  12. Do you know why my post count boosted up to 11k yesterday, then went back down?
  13. Hey man, I know that I'm only allowed to my usertitle changed every month, but this yellow looks like fuck,

    could you just change the color to 0000FF?
  14. Many thanks.
  15. Done.
  16. Can you change the color of my usertitle to CCCC00

    Thanks man.
  17. Its attached to every section, but here.
  18. Link to the rules? God I'm lazy
  19. Damn, although I just read the rules, and Cuguy says that three colors max are allowed.
  20. I guess not then.
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