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  1. Oh really? haha I'm not alone ><

    I was recommended a lot of things, but this third time around the doctor is just like straight up, don't bother straight to surgery haha. But yeah good chance to catch up with game time
  2. Join the club buddy, I also had the same procedure done twice at the age of 10 and a recurrence at 11 or 12. But since then, no problems. Those things are a pain in the ass. You bump it into something even slightly and it hurts like hell. I bet you were recommended to sit in hot salt water with it eh?
  3. in response to your QS in the picture thread, so i dont go too far off topic, i had an ingrown toenail. Now I know it happens to a lot of people but for some its just really bad and part of the nail needs to be removed in an operation, so thats what I had. I'm fine but just out of action for a few weeks with my foot up. lol.
    Ive actually had it done before when i was 11 and again when I was 12... this is just the other side of the toe now Y_Y
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