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  1. Well hello stranger.
  2. What it do baby.
  3. Just seriously tired. Oh holiday this week and it took 1 day to mess up my sleeping pattern, I've been awake since 4pm (currently 9am) and I need to wait up for a parcel to arrive.
  4. That's just dumb.... Also... multiple periods... are a sign of depression. What's wrong emo?...
  5. Strap on.. I guess.
  6. That's what I like to hear. You can provide me with that Val never could. Or at least never should. Amirite?
  7. My pen:s now...
  8. Whats up smexy.
  9. Then can you show me the type of C4D you use. All the ones I've tried just look terrible.
  10. idk, Sharpen them?

    I'm fairly confident that's all I do.
  11. Can you do me a favour?

    Point me to a tutorial, or make one on how to get those sharpened C4D looking good.
  12. Sup.
  13. Sup bromo.
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