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  1. Returns slaute.

    Thanks so much mate, I'd love to do whatever I can to help out here of course I'm doing much better now, RL gave me a big nut kick but all is good now
  2. Ahh, thats a shame. You were an excellent Admin. I hope everything else is fine in life for you. Hopefully I'll see you fighting off the spambots again one day sir.

  3. LOL - I should have posted something in the staff forum but about a week or so ago... I retired quitely as I have been inactive and it would not be setting a very good example if I were to keep my staff position without being able to help out.... As much as I love this place and being on the staff, it was the right thing to do. Hopefully one day I can earn my way back when I get more active, until then I did the next best thing and subbed for 3 years

    Hope all is well bro
  4. I must be going mental? When did you leave the red team? :O
  5. Happy birthday Gal
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