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  1. It's all over daily motion.
  2. That's CRAP!
  3. FB took it down while I was in work.
  4. Have you uploaded that video yet...
  5. What ass lol?
  6. I would tap dat ass so bad.
  7. I only just noticed that User Note you left on my account. xD
  8. TV?
  9. It's nothing but fail anyway. And you can't call me an Apple hater because I had an iPhone!
  10. Friggin iPad didnt register the click! I really need to stop trying to post on this, it's nothing but fail on this site.
  11. Just thought I'd lend a helpful post.
  12. >> your input was appreciated.
  13. Haha you bastard. I'm good thanks how are you.
  14. Welcome back. I was stalking your GF's FB page while you were gone, imagining you all doing the nasty.

    So, yeah. T'sup?
  15. And I care because?
  16. But that would €40 less holiday money :O
  17. Buy it for me, send it to me, I'll give it back when you get home. :P
  18. Me too! But I go on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks, no point in buying it then going on holiday!
  19. Don't have it. Want it though.
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