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    A wallpaper I thought you would appreciate more then most.
  2. Your new avatar=awesome.
  3. No, the R34P3R tag is the one not prestiged. The SP4ATAN tag is the one thats prestiged.

    And dude, check it out, this sig is famous.

    Looks at the downloads.
  4. well, i suck at COD. If you're looking at my R34PER gamer tag, then that's my son. He's a lot better than me lol.
  5. Always man.

    Dammit! How do you guys rank so high on COD? I'm only lvl 72 and it seems like an eternity I've been playing. But it seems like everyone is like 3rd and 4th prestige!
  6. LOL. I do enjoy our talks bro.
  7. Very true. Priorities must be set to have the most posts on this forum.
  8. gotta set priorities man..
  9. Not for someone that has a life.
  10. yeah, less than 2800 to go... so 700/month is easy to do.
  11. You just a posting machine man.

    I have no doubt in my mind that you'll have 30k by then.
  12. 3k in four months. I'ma try really hard to do it. With the vita release, it's given a lot more discussion on the boards, so I'm posting a little more than usual. 750 posts per month. That's 25 per day. EASY. On vitaforums I have only been there for five days, and i have 139 posts lol.
  13. Before July?

    That would be crazy. I'm gonna try to get to 13000 by july.
  14. oh, it's going to happen, and hopefully before july.

  15. Then you'd really be setting records. We should have a huge party when you get to 30k.
  16. you're dang tootin'. I had to in order to be able to catch up after I took a three month vacation from the site a while back. I'd be over 30K posts if I hadn't ever left.
  17. Jesus.

    All I had back in the day was my PC, and I could spam it up. You're using every piece of technology there is.
  18. it'll never happen. I have my vita, phone, laptop, pc, and mind control! lol
  19. I honestly cannot find a time that you are not online.
  20. k. thanks
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