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Conversation Between Danny2304 and Vengeful_Blur

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  1. Thanks for the Birthday message mate ^_^
  2. =)

  3. I still need to add you, been busy ^_^

    I'll add you now!
  4. Hey Danny! I feel so ebarrassed right now xD. You see, my psn is actually "CAptain_Furry" not the other one, I forgot the capital A. I blame my lack of sleep .
  5. Nope. It's Captain_Furry.
  6. Ohai.

    I have just realised I have you as a friend on here but not on PSN. Is your ID the same as your user?
  7. disregard that last message haha.
  8. I never got a request haha this new PSU is poop
  9. *sends friend request*
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