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  1. 1. Grab a camera 2. Go down around sydney. 3. Video tape some things ( Women, beaches, places) then send it to me. How you answer this will determine our relationship. Choose wisely!
  2. even when searching for boxes there is a lot of fakes out there on ebay. I bought a fake Sapphire and learned the hard way. Always look at an ACTUAL picture of what you're gonna get.

    And I have my GB-GBA games in these boxes http://mynintendocollection.blogspot...atari-box.html < not me or my website lol
  3. Wow those are mint! Great collection, vincent. I'm too scared to buy the sealed versions because of all the scams.I want a collection though.
  4. You want pokemon pics? lol (just saw in the chat, and i totally forgot before)

    red blue yellow

    gold silver crystal

    ruby sapphire emerald

    fire red leaf green

    all the DS games

    I bought black later (these are old pics) and this is from the pickup thread ages ago lol

    I just need to own heart gold, and of course B&W2

    Once B&W2 come out and I get them, as well as HG, I'll post them all in a grand pic in the pokemon thread
  5. I missed some commas in that last paragraph. You'll have to forgive me.
  6. Actually there not that hard to find. For instance i went on ebay and i found them all sealed with nintendo seal a couple of times. Now your right about the price because they go for 300 per game lol but honestly i would buy them. Also, if you go youtube there are people with so many sealed versions. There's 2 guys i watched this morning and one had not 1 but 3 sealed crystal versions and the other had 7 red version. Just to make things crazier and a guy had another 4 reds sealed. They we're selling them to. I have the money to buy them like all of them 3 times over but i just don't wanna do that right now. I will get them eventually but not the advance versions. Also, if i had just the boxes i would be happy to.
  7. I never had Heart Gold, back then I was missing HG and Black. I got Black but still need to buy HG >< Just been lazy.

    Yeah I still have them all, but not factory sealed 0_0 I don't have that much money but they will be hard hard hard to find. As long as they have a box I was happy - not even the cardboard insert bothered me haha.

    I did buy some clear plastic cases that they fit nicely into though, alll protected
  8. I couldn't find that pokemon thread so i had to ask you. I remember you had em' boxed and everything, right? What happened to your heart gold? I've gonna get them all factory sealed.
  9. Hahah I'll try track it down, or take some new pics later today for ya

    Still missing Heart Gold though!
  10. Could i see your pokemon collection? I seen you put it in a thread once and i can't find that thread!
  11. Vintage wanted to change it and i told him he could
    Hence the username. Wasn't very creative was he?
  12. dude what the hell is with your username 0_0
  13. Always try to shut a thread down, aren't you?! We're about fight now
    (i'm bored.)
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