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  1. Of course.
  2. So how's the forum politics these days? People still angry no matter what decisions are made?
  3. Tell me about it.
  4. <3 I'll try.

    Everytime I read the the sub thread though, it makes me sad
  5. You need to be around more.
  6. It's been the same here more or less. Kinda fun living a non-eventful life, isn't it?
  7. Same old. I don't think anything changed since we last spoke, tbh. =/
  8. ....maybe, but most likely not

    I'm alright. Bored as can be these days. Yourself?
  9. Are you coming on to me?

    How you doin'?
  10. Your Cowboy hat looks radiant tonight
  11. Lol I wish man. You guys have been working hard. Good job
  12. It did

    I see you are creating a PM to Coma... Complaining about my promotion I see? Haha. Kidding, mate.
  13. It finally happened eh? <3
  14. Happy Birthday dude!
  15. No problem. Hope it all works out.
  16. Coolio. Thanks for the tips. I'll make my decision soon hopefully.
  17. As of right now, it is imo. A few years ago, it didn't have a good selection of games, but Peace Walker is an outstanding game. It'll definitely appeal to your RPG side (if you have one). Persona 3 Portable is reportedly a fantastic addition to the PSP, Valkyria Chronicles II is sure to deliver as well (especially if you liked the first one for the PS3), Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will also be amazing, and that's just counting the upcoming games. Other RPG ports are extremely solid for it. The Parasite Eve: 1st Birthday game is also looking amazing.

    So yea, I think PSP is definitely worth it now because of the bright future it has. Just make sure you get a decent sized memory card with it. 4GBs doesn't seem life enough for me since I wanna load it PS1 Classics and games downloaded straight from the store.
  18. Was thinking about getting one tomorrow. You think it's worth it?
  19. Yes I do dude. Bought the MGS: Peace Walker Bundle earlier this summer. You?
  20. LETHAL! You have a PSP, my man?
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