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  1. Thanks mate,

    I like everton more than chelsea I guess...

    Seeing how Tim Howard is my country man
  2. Yep thats why we beat yo a** last season and will again on Nov 21st

    and im an EVERTON fand Nooblet .anyways Spider great to see yer back do Hopefully the forum picks back up.
  3. Its shows

    Steelers always beat Raiders, everyone knows that

    Just like united always beat Chelsea
  4. Aint goin to happen son *Bruce Almighty* is going to TD pass you pathetic defence fo,so :P and our offence is going to run game you're steeler *** in to the next century.

    (Disclaimer im from, from ENGLAND) so really dont know NFL
  5. Good 2 see you 2 mate,

    Steelers will kick the raiders in similar fashion to me kicking your *** in socom...

  6. haha Nice to see you back dude .But the Raiders are going to own you're steeler *** on Nov 21st :P
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