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  1. brilliant! Should of just said you texted the wrong person by accident. I don't usually text when I'm drunk, I always seem to just text "Where are you?" to people. (I like to wonder about by myself when I drink )

    All my drunken escapades usually happen on the Internet once the night is over because I never go straight to bed..mostly on Facebook.

    Getting drunk is ALWAYS fun.
  2. Lol I wanna read those posts!

    I once got drunk and texted my boss telling him that he's an asshole lol he called asking me what kind of joke was that' I laughed and told him to get a life, the next day I got fired lol. That happened when I worked as a waitress

    Getting drunk is fun but also bad
  3. I don't doubt you. Well the element of surprise always makes things interesting...I have been known to come on here after drunken nights out and post some questionable things which I forget about the next day, I usually have to check out my post history.
  4. Lmao hey I can be very naughty when you never expect it. Who knows what kind of VM you will get from me next time? :P
  5. Ha, oh I'm sure you are kidding . You would have to be extremely pervy to get banned, are you gonna make the admins feel really awkward or something?
  6. Awesome! now send me some porn videos! lol just kidding. We won't get banned for being perv right :P
  7. Well actually I do, I just try to keep tabs on it around others...but now that I know you're a huge perv too I don't to, thanks for that!
  8. Yeah that's because you don't have a pervert mind like me lol.
  9. I must admit when I think of tickling someone licking isn't the first thing that pops into my mind.
  10. Lol ummm well... it tickles when someone licks you! Oh it happens anyway yeah
  11. Licking!? What? LMAO
  12. Tickles? Really? I don't care ha! :P

    & BTW with that VM from you people might think I'm licking you :lol
  13. Stop, that tickles!
  14. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    Take this"!
  15. I don't care if you think I copied you...

  16. Yes you just did! don't deny it! :P

    it's ok I won't tell on you and thanks lol
  17. Ha, I don't copy anyone! Nice pic!
  18. You too don't care? Oh why human are such copycats? lol ! And I changed it already, check it out
  19. I don't really care what others think of's just a good thing I'm awesome anyway . Yeah its just my Facebook photo, why do you need to change yours?
  20. Lol let them be. Honestly I don't care about what people think of me lol and btw nice photo. I need to change mine ;'D
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