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  1. Sony still give the good ole' shipped to stores figures even though some here claim they don't...

    Kinect seems to be the hit MS believed it would be, even though we had many doubters and arm chair analysts. MS are moving in on that projected 5 million by the end of 2010 figure that when projected had many laughing about...

    Move isn't really one of those ideas (imo) that Sony fully thought out very well considering the Wiimote is basically the same thing (though slightly less accurate with Motion Plus add-on).

    It's also important to note that Sony count 1 device as a unit, so if they sell an add-on (Nunchuck for example) they consider that 1 unit to their figures. Whereas MS only have 1 true unit to sell at a time, 1 Kinect device with game and wires in box is 1 unit. Knowing that leaves me asking how many units Sony have really sold when you take into consideration the add-ons are needed to be played as intended by the developers for particular games anyway...
  2. Just found this and wanted to share.. i would post it but they seem to always wanna start crap every time i do.
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