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  1. hey before you leave hop on the server and checkout meh boat.
  2. Dude hop on the server!
  3. Yeah I'll hop on for a bit now.
  4. I do have a lot of mining left, since I intend to connect my basement to the cave by means of a huge stair case, can you get on now?
  5. Lucky, I didn't find any diamond but now have 45 iron.
  6. :O Pretty awesome! Think I've found like 12 diamond in total, a crap tonne of coal and quite a bit of Iron.
  7. Like finding a cave thats bigger then the last maps public mineshaft.

    I was even unlucky enough to encounter a spider jockey, but I did survive barely. Also finished my house, and got my wall finished for spider prevention.

    All kinds of stuff.
  8. Like what? :O
  9. Duuude, you should have stayed on the server! Me and Rapture did all kinds of stuff!
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