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  1. oh lawd

    the things i'd do to her :
  2. Allison Stokke of course!
  3. Haha, you know who it is?
  4. That pelvis is legendary.

    I approve.
  5. Like my new avi?
  6. Don't worry, you shall die without knowing,
  7. lol What's the significance of that?

  8. hey there have been heaps of double posts in the PSN Threads by Fuzzy_Dunlop .. Just sayin'
  9. the let downs keep coming
  10. The shop used to be quite robust. It used to include hundreds and hundreds of icons to choose from, which you could put under your avatar (30 at a time). You could also buy glowing and shaded usernames.

    But the shop feature wasn't included in VBulletin 4.0, so when we upgraded, it was mostly removed. They're trying to bring it back though, but it's tricky.

    Anyway, I don't think you'll be able to buy colored usernames, since most of the colors are already taken up.
  11. im sure they are. is there anything in the kBank other than usertitles? i can't check them out since my internets being a *****.
  12. Your suggestions are always welcome.
  13. Are you serious? That's a let down. I'm gonna suggest something in the suggestions thread
  14. You can't buy colored usernames.

    SMCs have blue names, Mods have green names, Admins have red names, the Design Squad has purple names, the PSU Staff has brown names, the Community Manager has a black name, and subscribers can choose between yellow or pink.
  15. I see. 'ALL HAIL Ixion!'
    Oh yea, how much SP is the colored usernames?
  16. I can basically do anything a regular mod can do, except for issuing official warnings and infractions. I have the ability to ban any member, but I'm not allowed to do so unless it's an emergency.
  17. .. How unfortunate. btw, what powers do you posses now?
  18. This is true.
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