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  1. mostly because she is considered an easy character to play as i assume.
  2. I wonder why she gets so much hate.
  3. I went back to Jin because Noel gets to much hate
  4. Yeah, I just got back from EVO. There were a few noel players. I know what you mean her combos are easy to grasp and play around with. I mostly use Jin but she is my second favorite
  5. I am not very good at BlazBlue, but it's still fun to play. The major reason I use Noel the most is because she is user friendly.
  6. ha, i just switched from jin to noel after the 1.3 update. Love it jin was so boring to me. Im fairly new at BB anyways but ill still be at EVO for it >.>
  7. How about "hands off the panda!"
  8. Noel Vermillion <3 can you say infinite combos?
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