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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, pod! Hope you're doing well.
  2. Happy Birthday buddy!
  3. "Thanks, Black Wolf!"
    Uh wrong person haha
  4. Thanks, Black Wolf!
  5. Happy Birthday buddy!
  6. LOL oh geez people have been asking about those constantly! They are real but I do not know who that is. I found her once and then didn't bookmark the page sadly.
  7. and are those real
  8. who is the chick in your avy
  9. Sorry brah. You'll need to talk to an admin about that.
  10. Maybe since you're promotion you can push to get that PS3 game list fixed? Lol I'd like to edit but still have the same problem.
  11. Yeah somebody replied and said they know about it. They've very busy which I know and understand. Sorry I can't update that thread though.
  12. I'm just a lowly SMC. But I'm sure the coders are working on it. Hang in there!
  13. Hey I just gave another heads up in the bug report thread remember how I couldn't edit the PS3 game list? I just wanted to tell you since you've kinda supported me with that idea all along. I wasn't sure if you know the guy who handles the bugs on the forum? It's been about a week or so. Is there anyone you can mention this to if no one has looked at the thread? Thanks!
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