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  1. happy birthday you crazy motherfucking ban man.

    Hope you have a good one.
  2. thanks mate
  3. happy birthday! <br><br>

    Weird that you BOM, and smiggy all have the same birthdate.
  4. I'll see. Thanks though.
  5. I'll send you the 20 first.
  6. sorry mate, have no money in my account. and i literally mean no money. sorry pal.
  7. Hail Ollie, can you pay for my sub? My paypal is being a *****, and I'll just pay you through that.
  8. no worries man. its just sp
  9. Cheers for the sp man.

    Didn't need to, I did not really do much of anything.
  10. K, its on the way.
  11. yeah please mate
  12. I got your 5k back, you want it?
  13. done
  14. all you have to do is clear the inbox.
  15. because lost capacity when i lost my sub
  16. cba, theres like waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy to many.
  17. Hey clear your PMs.
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