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  1. i voted for you,cuntish
  2. you are soooo cool... you have the same font as schaff
  3. cheers pal
  4. happy bro-day,birth
  5. ok ill put it in northerner

    twas fooking funny.
  6. pardon squire?
  7. "
    And we think its bad here for losing members "

    lost it
  8. go suck your own ****
  9. How's your Gaming shenanigans thread doing?

    it's all going down in the subs thread now, poorfag
  10. i noticed
  11. read new admins needed thread and weep
  12. who said there my mates

    im just the voice of reason.

    ok im just not as stupid as a lot of people here.

    ok i am, but

    o **** you
  13. YEP!
    oh and i knew the thread was old since Mr B linked to it for a contest wont stop me jumping down on your faggoty fag fag mates down at 4chan
  14. is topgun sad because he jumped on the o its anon train again, not realising thread was 15 months old ?
  15. Get back to 4chan you
  16. shut it you muuugggg
  17. gratz on getting that thread locked
  18. f**king awesome!
    tut,dc,elti full page c-c-c-c-combo's!
  19. hows the sub thread trolololololol
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