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  1. yeah i saw his pink name in my brit thread. made me lol. have fun with is bipolar ****. i almost want kwes back
  2. well yeah, a molly/fb/you and nox combo has been replaced.... with a jaeger
  3. so yeah, hows the sub thread going . money well spent im sure
  4. well for once you heard right

    cheers mate
  5. yo squirrelfag, i heard it was yo birfday!
  6. stole my gag on behemo birthday wishes
  7. yeah had a ****ing awesome time. wet tshirt competitions ftw. especially when the prize is a holiday so the girls do everything they can to win. 69'ing each other ftmfw. even better seeing as I pulled one of them (eventually winner) couple nights before. my mates have told me that i must have been that bad i turned her lesbian

    and yeah im still recovering, got a cold on the last day, and its pretty grim. having to work hasnt done me much good either
  8. fookin **** lack of notifications around here!! only just saw this.
    cheers dude.

    you have a good hol then? still recovering?
  9. yo topfag, i heard it was your birthday while i was away. you can rest assured that I was partying, and I think i can spare one of the drinks for you
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