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  1. cheers mate
  2. Happy birthday old fuck face!
  3. Yeah they always refer to history. Never the future.
  4. in the pub, laughing about it, man u mate says, could be worse, could be in the champions league final
  5. Lolney's JT impression was great.
  6. nope sorry mate
  7. Do you know of a bookmakers where I can lump 50 on another De Gea howler?
  8. O' Captain my Captain.
  9. it appears that I am
  10. So Mr Squirrel. Are you in charge of the Hall of Fame & Shame!?
  11. bet you did though
  12. The Spam.

  13. Already have done it once or twice!
  14. "
    But from now on, when I have to edit posts in the United thread. I'm gonna do it in blue text kay?"

  15. o yeah i know they do, im just saying mate
  16. They give me back as much as I give out. It doesn't cause any problems, we never fall out or fight. Reports never get generated. It's all good.
  17. o cmon you kinda do mate
  18. I do not troll the United thread...
  19. It should be the grammar police.
  20. what about my new avatar ?
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