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  1. Coolio Kwes =)
  2. LOL I got fighting spirit when the fight is slightly fair. I'll make the thread using the first sig.

    Not the second.
  3. C'mon bro! Where's the fighting spirit in you?! =D
  4. No way man, if you used that thing against me, I'd be a 100% win for you.
  5. Actually man, could you make it with this one instead?:

  6. Go here if you want more resources.

    And I am stacked with work right now, so I will wage war with my current sig. I'll set up the battle thread.
  7. Hahaha mate, I wish I could justify what you proclaimed, but nowadays I just can't get back to my prime. Maybe it's because I bought a Mac and lost all the PS resources with my old PC.

    Btw, if you want any of the PSDs, just ask. =)
  8. Not true. I consider you more skilled then I. I don't even know how you did some of your sigs.
  9. In hindsight bro, we both started designing at the same time, and I've ended up getting so rusty while you just flew away lightyears skill-wise. xD
  10. Ooooo very noice!

    I'll whip up a new sig to use, should only take a little bit. Then I'll put the thread up.

  11. I've got this one. I think I haven't used it in an SOTW yet.
  12. Damn. Do you have any other sigs lying around that you have not used in a SOTW?
  13. Late June, man.
  14. When do your exams end?
  15. I thought that bro, but then I have no time to design nowadays with the abysmal exams. =P
    You can change the sig you want to battle it with though. Your choice dude. =)
  16. Doesn't it seem weird to use the sigs we are using in the SOTW in the battle? Why not make new ones to use in it?
  17. Actually mate, is it possible you set it up? Got an exam in like 3 hours and I'm just like panicking. =P

    Thanks man. =D
  18. lol

    I'd get my ass handed to me.

    But yeah, I'm down, set it up.
  19. Hey man, you wanna sig battle it out? Your SOTW entry this week vs. mine's (full size)? It'll be fun. =)
  20. Didn't feel like getting any rage going. And it would have turned into that. :/
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