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  1. You can say, it's alright. It terms of fun, its ok, a little better than FFXIII. Story's confusing if you don't use the forums and other Final Fantasy related forums.

    I think my life's getting better, actually. After this weekend, some good revelations and closures have taken place. I think the rest of the year maybe better than the shit I've been served the past year.

    How's you, bruv?
  2. Oh and no I didn't pick up XIII-2. I may do though. If it's at least. Fun. That is.
  3. Been trying, don't see what other people see but okies.

    Hmm, seems like everyone's having a shit time.
  4. Ahh don't worry about that liked thingy. Not a big factor.

    TBH man, I bought a MacBook and lost all the brushes, gradients, etc etc. I guess with that, lost all inspiration too. Year's been a real bitch IRL, man.

    Don't see you designing much too nowadays. Plus I'm guessing you didn't end up buying FFXIII-2. =P
  5. Hmm, that didn't do it. Tried firefox. Asked an admin, wait and see now I 'spose. I'm not fussed either way though.

    Why no sigs from you?
  6. I guess it's supposed to show up for everyone. Just reset the cookies or something.
  7. So, is it normal to not see whether or not you've "liked" a post. I seriously can't tell if I have or not.
  8. Rude, bro? Nahh man, if anything I should say sorry for replying so late. I've got a lot on my plate nowadays. Applications and A levels and all. Tough times.

    Other than that, I'm good man. Hope shit's been good for you too, Final.
  9. Also, I'm rather tired from work. Which is why my replies lack any feeling to it. Sorry if I came off rude.
  10. Yo... nothing much. Rarely make sigs too busy... gotten rusty.

    Made that today...

    How are you?
  11. Hey oldie, how've you been?
  12. Gonna pop in now and again I guess.

    Started playing dissidia 012... it's... not bad... I'm glad I only paid 8 for it lol.
  13. Same here mate. Been some ups and downs, but I'm still here right?

    Good to see you here again though. Coming back for good or is it just another peek?
  14. Been alright I guess... you?
  15. Stopped designing, dude. Don't have time at all nowadays. =(

    How've you been mate?
  16. Sup Cyk, hows your ps skills coming along?
  17. Yeah, your gratefulness was never one of your strong points... =P

    Anyway, my PS3's dead and I'm in no mood to actually go get it fixed. I'm too lazy for that.

    How've you been by the way?
  18. Hmm... how to live life huh... That's strange, I'm sure I'd remember you if you had that big of an impact on my life.
  19. Well you know... how to live life.
  20. Apprentice? What did you teach me?
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