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  1. LOL +rep for that
  2. well when your a vain as me you always like to look at yourself
  3. Oh, none specifically. I thought you'd like to see yourself once more!
  4. which of my many posts is the troll comment referring to ? most of what I post is just to wind people up.
  5. o ok fair enough, i just haven't seen you around. it happens i suppose.
  6. LOL! Classic

    Not at all! I mean I've been in both forums, I just got into Dave's as well. I've been here forever, just not posting as often as I used to. If you look at my post count though, you can see I'm still active every day
  7. havent seen you around in ages mate. did you migrate to daves forum ? think i remember seeing your name there.

    o and tribs got promoted for no reason this time as well (despite what he may tell you )
  8. Oh hai!! Thanks for the bday wishes
  9. happy birthday man
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