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  1. You take ages to reply, we'll have colour tv over here before you reply.
  2. Why do people want Warhawk 2, was it like a big PS2 game? I don't really understand the want for it lol
  3. Here in Britain we haven't got screens with pretty colour, we still only have Black and White.. didn't you know that?
  4. I'm not kind of constantly here but kind of am even though that makes no sense but thats how I type. It's about $450 - $500.

  5. Cinema is overpriced, 349 to watch a film that lasts just over an hour is too much, I never even heard of Thor until the other week and i'm not keen on a Viking superhero if he is even that, I know he has a mallet lol.
  6. I'll probably watch it in 4 - 5 years when it comes onto tv lol. Do you know if April's PS+ will be extended on top of Mayz when PSN is back up?
  7. I probably won't ever see Thor, seems camp to me lol. Not saying everyone who goes to watch it is, but the movie itself does. What'd you rate it out of 1/10
  8. Yesterday I bought that new sniper game, well to the PS3, its like one of the shettest FPS game, trailers looked decent and they advertised it well saying things like
    "The most realistic Sniper game ever, now coming on PlayStation(R)3"
    It is basically a dumbed down version of what COD and BF would be like if they were put together. Terrible story, AI are so poor, you don't even need to aim down your scope to hit someone because the bullets go straight, loads of other stuff I could complain about.

    I also got Assassin's Creed Brotherhood what is ok so far, enjoyable and no real complaints. That was all I was doing yesterday pretty much lol. Has Shrek come yet?
  9. I'd cancel it a day before it ends, because here as soon as your new month starts you get charged, so go for the 17th unless it's the 19th and you've already thought of that.

    I did that outside of Sony's secret HQ, they came out and said "We are working around the clock and this update contains no update but we will have it on in the near future. Canna av a chip mate?" I responded saying
    "Yeah sure, as soon as PSN is back up" and he knows that means never so he started crying and went back inside.
  10. Sounds like a crap service, I used to use a company called LOVEFiLM and I could send a game say on Tuesday and have it back within the same week, if not Friday it would be Saturday, but you would have to like post it before 10:00. Maybe check the site out if you want and look up lol, is GF the only company you can rent from?
  11. The day we play is the day I stop.

    What days of the week do your post men work? As in posting letters through your letterbox or whatever its called over there?
  12. It's quite amazing how shet the PS3 is without online, you seem to be dying for PSN to get back on so we can play Portal 2 co-op together!

    I don't know if anonymous were invloved in this, or any members but they seem pretty fcukd at the moment, whats to say Sony hasn't made this shet up to get rid of them for good along with that geo guy. It seems possible since its been like two weeks since the hackers obtained a lot of cc details and not one case has come out? A bit odd

    Have you even started Portal 2 yet?! >:[
  13. Sorry, the queen had me on overtime... and you know how loyal I am so obviously I agreed to work over overtime.
  14. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. Cheers for the rep dude
  16. Alrighty, i'm marching off to my bed with my crew (ofcourse I won't let them into my cage...).
  17. Yes but no lol, you have any more videos? Some seriously crack me up lol.
  18. Here is another one, it's off of a UK radio show and I don't know if you'll be able to understand it but try to listen to it all lol.
  19. LMAO funny as feck, you ever seen the Duke Nukem one on that ventreelo or something like that?
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