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    I'm loving what I've played so far. The attention to detail is just crazy, the AI is actually quite smart, Batman's powers aren't over the top but still powerful enough to impress and the storyline is awesome - basically, everything inFamous wanted to be and have, haha. Yeah, I'm only playing on Medium at the moment but will play through again on Hard. I'm hoping to make AA my first platinum.
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    From what I've played of Arkham Asylum so far, I'm loving it. It's everything inFamous should have been and more. If Sucker Punch could put this much detail into inFamous 2 like Rocksteady did for AA and are doing for Arkham City, then they'll have a winner. I'll save judgement for the demo and playthrough of the final build.
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    I just traded my copy of inFamous in towards getting Arkham Asylum. Even the guy at the counter confirmed I was making the right choice, which only goes to prove my point that some people are just too afraid of power to voice their true opinions. It comes to something when people are too scared to speak their mind - reminds me a lot of 1984, and PSU is Big Brother. Enough on that, though, they're watching us...

    I completed inFamous and there was no way in Hell I was going to bother with all the side-missions. I've seen the main story, upgraded my powers as far as they will go - and that's it. I got bored and needed something new to play, and AA will do the job. Saying that, I read a preview of inFamous 2 in gamesTM and it looks freakin' awesome. Why Sucker Punch couldn't have worked that hard on the first one is beyond me.
  4. She sure is... <3
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    Well, I don't know if they are actually scared or not but that's the impression I seem to get. They think because it's a PlayStation-related forum, any bad word said against Sony will result in them being banned. Absolutely ridicilous if you ask me. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and all that jazz? I ain't afraid to speak my mind, though, and I ain't banned - yet! Touch wood, eh?

    As for the reviews, yeah, I totally agree although I'm VERY picky about which review sites/magazines I trust. gamesTM and Edge are the only two magazines I read and I hardly trust IGN/Gamespot after the whole incident regarding one of their reviewers. See, told you I was picky.
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    No problem, man.

    What really annoys me is the fact that most of the people who defended the game are doing so for two simple reasons; they think they'll be banned for saying something bad against the PlayStation and they bum Sony up the *******. I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I had high hopes for inFamous but, when push came to shove, it failed to deliver. It could've been so much more than it was. The worst thing is the Reapers. They're everywhere and, no matter what you do, they just keep coming with the same dull, relentless attacks.

    I hope Sucker Punch makes inFamous 2 everything it's predecessor wasn't.
  7. Ellen Page is hawt <3
  8. Dude, it is weird seeing you without your creeper avy and your other sig.
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