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    2 Weeks Ago
    I said it was based on fear mongering promises, nothing else. How many terrorist attacks have taken place in the States by refugee terrorist after...
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    2 Weeks Ago
    The travel ban is just another checked box on Trumps list of fear mongering promises he made to his constituent, its not based on anything else. The...
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    2 Weeks Ago
    33x replied to a thread Nintendo Switch in Nintendo
    Meh, yet another underpowered, no games, gimmicky, kiddie console. Fuck Nintendo to hell! No way am i falling for this shit!!!!
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    2 Weeks Ago
    Only literally played the 1st hour (till shes grown up) and im emotional hooked. Fuck Zelda
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    3 Weeks Ago
    TwentyThree replied to a thread Game of Thrones in Entertainment
    Yeah waiting sucks. Hope the delay benefits the quality this coming season. I started watching WestWorld before watching Game of Thrones, I...
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    4 Weeks Ago
    TwentyThree replied to a thread Game of Thrones in Entertainment
    Ah, so one Targaryen for each dragon. We know for sure Jon and Daenerys are Targaryen, Bran on the other hand is a combination of the Starks and...
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    4 Weeks Ago
    TwentyThree replied to a thread Game of Thrones in Entertainment
    What a great show. Just finished watching all the seasons last week and I am hooked, I can't wait to see what happens next season but in the...
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    4 Weeks Ago
    Get off the Trump juice Ixion Trumps casual lying is not normal, at least not if he were mentally sane. The man is not well informed and doesn't...
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  2. Am I a beacon? you and Finalreaper came out of no where
  3. Up yours.

  4. unty
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    Is the girl in your sig a porn star? She is hot!
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    Dude carl! I thought you had gone. Haven't seen you around much.
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    Guess who's back <3
  8. oi gayboy

    vote in the psu awards threads
  9. <3 <3

    Where do you keep vanishing off to, anyway? I miss you.
  10. Carl you butt, why the absence??
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    Right, right. Then yes, we need a USP.
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    *attempts to determine meaning of USP before replying*...

    I've got nothing. What's a USP?
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    I'd say it still has immense potential, though. We just need some form of innovation to give the place a proper re-birth, unlike the re-birth that was said to occur and took much longer and panned out to be much more problematic than intended. I'm not saying redesign the forums or anything like that, but we should explore ways to add something new to PSU that most other forums don't have.
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    Oh, well great to have you back. My concern about the forums used to be that it was beginning to decline. In comparison to how the forums used to be, activity on the forums has dropped quite a bit. Nonetheless, I don't think PlayStation Universe will be something to die out anytime soon, regardless of things like that.
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    It's been awhile since I've been active, so to speak. Who's left?
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    I'm doing alright. Just movin' on along. I need to subscribe again sometime soon, as it's been far too long since I've been in the Subscriber thread!
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    How's it going, Carl?
  18. Pee Pee in your B B.
  19. No u
  20. Modifying post, eh?

    I see you...
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