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  1. Aww duuuuude.... are you missing me t-bagging you?
  2. Tell me about it.
  3. You need to be around more.
  4. tbf, tight jeans is cornered just by one particular scenefag subgenre, which is to be avoided like the plague.

  5. I have a habit of listening to this when I'm lost in deep thought.
    how bout you?
  6. Go to EVO, maybe... although watching it is more likely lol.

    No games tbh, I've been playing duodecim, I put 60hrs into it so there's plenty to do but, I can't call it a great game. It's good and it's fun but it can quickly becomes annoying. I think there's something wrong when I spend more time playing on my psp then on my ps3.

    What about chu? You play anything good lately? Oh and what did you think of 3rd birthday?
  7. Aww but aren't the great lakes bordering you guys?

    But yeah I understand man. Keep your chin up, I'll do the same.
  8. Aye, I heard the characters were less likeable. Still I don't expect much from psp games to begin with so the fact that VC2 isn't as good as VC1 comes as no surprise.

    Understandable, playing in a match requires absolute focus! And I didn't watch evo, I only watched the highlights on youtube. Was surprised to see daigo go out so soon, but good on poongko, his cammy was epic... until she was nerfed... then he dropped her... which is totally understandable.

    You still play SF?
  9. New ways to enjoy life eh? Have you taken up fishing or something? Hear that's pretty calming.
  10. Been good man, the riots are pretty crazy though... I don't think I've watched the news so much before.

    MK9 hmm, I really didn't like it tbh, it's great that it went back to 2D but it feels... slower then the oldies. I think it's cool that you enter tournies, don't think I'd have the courage to play with so many people watching.

    Looking forward to the 3rd strike HD remake, been dyin' for a good RPG though... did you buy VC2? If so how does it compare to the first?
  11. s'aight.

    it's going alright. just studying for the GRE to hopefully try for a masters, looking for full time work in the mean time. how 'bout you?
  12. Winning tournaments bro?
  13. Do you know, studies have shown that listening to Mayor Mike's MVC3 theme drastically improves workout efficiency? 'Mericuh!

  14. heh, I'm sorry to hear that you have a real life , what goes down over there? *cuddles*
  15. Oh man, Kreiger's last words,.....AMAZING I'm literally crying over here
  16. Yo sexy babe, I was wondering if you could suggest me some shows to watch, since I'm fricken loving Archer...damn its good

    also, how doth life treateth the one whom is most lethal? its been too long
  17. Can't complain, could be a lot worse. Took some time off work myself, did some traveling but other then that, pretty much the same old thing with me.
  18. Hey there. How has it been going? Did you ever find a decent job lol. Know you were pretty depressed about it when I left all that time ago.
  19. Bro, what's up?
  20. true dat!

    would be funny to have a female in a "manly men" group.
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