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  1. Oh, I'm sure you are. Nothing wrong with a big ego...right?
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    Just don't end up in something you don't like. That's one of my biggest fears. I'm still lost on what I want in life,however, It would have to be a sociologist, marine biologist, or a computer scientist. Also, you could totally be a stripper DO IT!
  3. Hey, I already knew I was cool ...but thanks for the validation.

    Kwesnoth made it for me, usually make my own stuff..but I don't really have the time for Photoshop these days.
  4. Aww You could use it anyway, could be fun to confuse the forum.
  5. It is!? Well that's news to me! I think it could get confusing if more than one person used it.
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    I could see you doing that. The thing about being a waitress is you get tipped based on looks (guy's perspective) and a nice perspective from a woman's perspective. Another thing is that you'll get surprised as one. I read just yesterday that a man left a woman a 1,000 dollar tip. However, your job would be more stable and with constant good pay. I see the pros of both of them. Is that what you want to do with your life though? (secretary?)
  7. What are you poking about?
  8. I see you've decided to put some pics up, nice!
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    I told you so. I was reading your thread earlier and I was curious, what kind of work are you in? Is a specialized job or just general like walmart, dollar general, and dollar tree?
  10. Where you've been hiding .
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    It's not like that. I was just stating a fact. I'm only slightly creepy. On a different note though, I usually put something about unicorns having sex with dolphins while Moses masturbates to them. Then he cums everywhere splitting the unicorn and dolphin apart forever. FOREVER ALONE.
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    you too friend... Hope too hear from you soon
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    LOL. You were lagging bad. What kind of comment did I put? I usually put weird ones. Also, Holy crap you're hot. (If that's you)
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    Life is a test and we have to pass it, for all of us to grow into better people i guess
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    well one can say that about me and be true

    I have problems yes and can i fix them, i would have to get my Claud3 manual out and see
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    LMAO, but you are among Nerds and the only time we see or read from a lady on the forum... Is in are gaming world

    But a real life lady is un-thinkable
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    No problem friend... Well you are the female among the Nerds off gaming and i am surprised we have not at the sight off the first female ever to grace the forum

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    you see what happens when the lady off forum returns and causes ripples and tickles the forum too the point off crying with excitement

  19. Im too lazy to change my avay & siggy *sighs*
  20. Me! And how is my fine lady today?
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