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    I swear when i first seen that bulky dude in all...

    I swear when i first seen that bulky dude in all black armor, thought it was fatman from mgs2.
  2. Re: Red Dead Redemption Official Thread - RELEASED TODAY (Updated May 18)

    Damn man that really sucks, but like they say patience is a virtue. once you get to play it will all be worth it :) hang in there lol. you need to put the game out of your sight so it won't be a...
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    Re: Finally, a new Driver game

    Any notice this exactly like driver 1, omg i'm soooo pumped for this. this is exactly what you had to before you can do the missions. you had to do burnouts,laps,etc; in the parking lot. you will...
  4. Re: Apocalypse-Fearing Folk Can Seek Shelter in Futuristic $10 Million Doomsday Bunke

    Thinking to myself that with all the people living under there will become delusional and start killing each other.
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