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    PlayStation® camera:

    The PlayStation Eye camera and microphone accessory has been enhanced to create a deeper and more involved gaming experience. It features two highly-sensitive cameras with...
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    13 Horror Games...

    Finally a half decent list!! We can only dream and hope for even half of these.

    I completely forgot about...
  3. Mortal Kombat Tournament and Kollectors edition DETAILS!!!

    Holy ****!!! I want both. I think this is the first time Im going to have to purchase 2 editions of the same game. DAMN!
  4. The Fight Transparency Patch and DLC coming!!!

    Cant wait!!!
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    Navigation Controller question

    Is there any reason to get 2 navigation controllers?

    I know it is recommended to have 2 move controllers for certain games for an overall better experience but is there any reason to buy a second...
  6. Re: PlayStation Move Event Sunday before the Natal Event!

    Its still going on. Its an evening event. Just before Microsofts Natal event.

    The Natal event begins at 7pm PST which is 10pm EST so I would assume the Sony event will probably begin at 6pm PST...
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