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  1. Final Fantasy Realm Reborn Subscription Options

    I have purchased FF and would like to extend subscription but can't seem to find game cards in my country. Are there any options to buy game card with wallet or credit card? (Didn't find any in...
  2. Unless:...

  3. Is this it?...

    Is this it?
  4. Doesn't work for me. Could you please explain how...

    Doesn't work for me. Could you please explain how exactly do you store username/password on the system?
  5. Need help with PSN purchased content and two accounts

    I use my pain PSN account which is registered in Slovenia, since I was unable to buy PSN network cards to buy GT5 content for Slovenian account, I bought for UK account. So I created another PSN...
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    How are 3D games on PS3

    Just got a 65" VT30 plasma with active shutter glasses. Thinking about buying some PS3 games. How is 3D on PS3? Which ones would you recommend?
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    Seriously, the big picture anyone? I would say...

    Seriously, the big picture anyone? I would say about 80% titles are the same on both Xbox 360 and PS3, comparing to the number of multiplatform games exclusives are in minority. According to Gamespot...
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