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  1. Gonna say Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness. As for...

    Gonna say Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness. As for PS3 specific, Uncharted 2.
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    My roommate plays this nonstop. It is fun, but...

    My roommate plays this nonstop. It is fun, but can get damn challenging at times. I get frustrated for him just watching.
  3. Re: What do you rate the Nintendo E3 Conference?

    10/10. They pulled out all the stops, catered to their core fantastically, while still getting some casual in there easily enough. Their new releases renew my faith and excitement in Nintendo. I...
  4. Re: So... who had their speakers on while watching the inFamous 2 trailer?

    I like that it's a European City (so it seems), the new powers, his evolution, and how the game is turning much more into a superhero type game with monsters and such (which I think is a good...
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    Re: Last Guardian = where is it?

    TGS for sure, but they're wasn't anything at all! Kind of upsetting.
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    Poll: Re: What do you rate Sony's Conference

    Here's the thing. They showed a lot of what they needed to show, and had a few surprises such as Twisted Metal and Portal 2, but they didn't spend enough time on any one thing, and they excluded a...
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