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  1. Frontier Developments have announced Elite: Dangerous

    Hullos all!

    Finally, after more than 20 years of waiting, David Braben and the guys at Frontier Development has finally announced the development of the next Elite game called "Elite: Dangerous"....
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    Kinect is the future of gaming? If Kinect...

    Kinect is the future of gaming?

    If Kinect works the way Microsoft portrays it to (ie. no lag, and near-perfect sync between your movement and the on-screen avatar), would you seriously want to...
  3. Re: The Official Microsoft E3 Conference thread. (NOW OPEN!) GER OVER HERE!

    Holy crap... Worst conference I've ever seen.

    Gears of War looked awsome, but did we have to see 5 minutes of gameplay out of a 30 minute conference? Same applies for Halo: Reach. No real news...
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