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  1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - poor graphics, let's hope gameplay is better

    This doesn't look good, but I did used to enjoy the Hawk's games so still looking forward to this one.
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    What we thought about Horizon Zero Dawn

    PSU checked out Horizon Zero Dawn at E3 last week.

    Here's what Kyle thought..
  3. Hands-on with Until Dawn, check out our impressions

    Adam played Until Dawn at E3. Check out his thoughts
  4. PlayStation Plus free games July 2015 predictions

    What are your predictions for July's PlayStation Plus free games for PS4, PS3 and Vita?

    With Rocket League landing on July 7 it seems likely it could be one of them.
  5. Worth it for $40. Word of warning...

    Worth it for $40.

    Word of warning's $#@!e when you play wireless. Even the XMB lags. I have to have mine wired.
  6. Woah! Check out his dinosaur RPG coming to PS4 and Morpheus

    I'm quite excited about this...
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    Here's the Project CARS review on PS4

    Check out our thoughts on Project CARS.

    The embargo has lifted so go and check out the consensus
  8. Mortal Kombat X Quick easy way to get koins

    Farming method to get koins. Looks as boring as sin, but if you're desperate...
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    Mortal Kombat X review verdict for PS4

    Joseph has reviewed this one for us - check out the verdict...
  10. Destiny House of Wolves release date and prologue video

    Check it out. Can't wait for this!
  11. PlayStation Store update - week commencing April 13

    The list of games is out for next week. Mortal Kombat X and Titan Souls I think!
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    Guess what? Blacks Op 3 confirmed for release

    We knew it was coming and now it's confirmed. Check out the trailer and make of it what you will.
  13. PlayStation Home users - their final thoughts

    Kind of sad reading this. It meant a lot to many people. The end of an era.
  14. The verdict on Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin [Review]

    Check out Neil's opinion on the Dark Souls 2 revamp...
  15. Check serial number/model number of PlayStation Vita for compensation

    There's an online form where you can now check to see whether you're eligible for compensation.
  16. I find Bloodborne easier than Dark Souls 2. I...

    I find Bloodborne easier than Dark Souls 2. I gave up on Dark Souls 2 early doors. I'm ploughing through BB faster
  17. Thread: Bloodborne map

    by StevenW

    Bloodborne map

    Was hoping someone would create a Bloodborne map.

    He's got a way to go, but doing well!
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    More Dragon Quest action with Dragon Quest Hero 2 announced

    Dragon Quest Hero II is coming to PS3, PS4 and Vita, though I guess it will be a while. We need Dragon Quest Hero first!
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    Game of Thrones free on iPad and iPhone

    IGN are giving Game of Thrones away for free.
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    Kojima signs deal with Apple
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    Girlfriends are over-rated.

    Girlfriends are over-rated.
  22. YEah, more like 40 hours for me. Took me 2 hours...

    YEah, more like 40 hours for me. Took me 2 hours to beat the first boss!
  23. New Assassin's Creed Chronicles Trilogy coming to PS4

    Three games, three places, three assassins, one story.

  24. Guy buys Bloodborne, finishes it in 40 mins

    Woah...I'm still stuck and I've been playing hours and hours.

    This guy beats it in 40 mins
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    PlayStation Home closes today - bothered?

    I never did play around that much with PlayStation Home. It had great promise but was more about the social connectivity than the great social games that I expected. At least it was when I stopped...
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