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  1. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 - Dracula's Tomb Premium Edition

    I've opened this thread to show you a nice unboxing for the Castlevania LoS 2 Dracula's Tomb CE that's sold only in Europe. ENjoy it below! Have you grabbed this 30.000 piece exclusive item?

  2. For the Players that didn't grab a PS4...

    Now that its still holidays and 2014 is upon us many of us didn't got the chance to grab a PS4 just because it's out of stock. Thank god there are giveaways for that! One of many PS4 giveaways...

  3. Yeah I agree its the most surprising thing you'll...

    Yeah I agree its the most surprising thing you'll find in the console. How good it feels in the hand, the grip, the triggers, the touchpad.. everything!

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    PS4 early unboxing EU version

    The european edition of the PS4 gets unboxed early. And it's one good looking video!
  5. for anyone that got the CE or wants to just take...

    for anyone that got the CE or wants to just take a look at it watch it now
    One helluva of an unboxing with weapons inside it!
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