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  1. Until fiber optics is standardized it would be a...

    Until fiber optics is standardized it would be a headache owning an online only console. Nuff said.
  2. Some might not agree with my comparison...

    Some might not agree with my comparison considering they are in different time settings, but L.A. Noire seems like a better Heavy Rain to me from what I have read up on so far.
  3. Re: MNR: I got 1 week ban from PSN for Osama Bin Laden mod

    Hmmm..... how can you not be oppressive, yet stop the douchery of someone claiming freedom of expression when all they are trying to do is instigate? It's a real sensitive subject to touch upon, but...
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    Re: New The Last Guardian - Gameplay E3 2010!

    Click here

    Nuff said!
  5. Re: The Getaway Ready To Rock E3? Prepare Yourselves HHGS 5/23/10

    I would have to agree with this. He is nothing but a hype builder, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, until "the stretched truth" is revealed as nothing more than a rumor.
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    Re: Tetsuya Nomura Heads to E3

    Birth BY Sleep demo?
    So much anticipation for demise. Sheesh.
    Chin up fellow PSUers!
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    Re: Heavy Rain - An apology

    Lesson has now been learned. NEVER PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE
  8. Re: E3 2010 Confirmed Games List - Updated 01/Jun

    Eat Sleep Play has yet to reveal what they have been working on for the PS3, but Scott C (formally Incognito) and David Jaffe must have something spectacular up their sleeve! New IP wise.
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