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    You Hyped for the new Tomb Raider like me?

    if you are as excited as i am about the new tomb raider game then this video might be of interest to you. i thought i would make a tribute to tomb raider with this song. enjoy
  2. The Last of Us Rap Song - tribute to naughty dog

    im very excited for the last of us, so i decided to make a tribute to naughty dog as an appreciation for the great games they make
    heres the link

  3. uncharted 4 in the works for PS4 apparently

    i was reading an article somewhere i think on N4g and it appears uncharted 4 is in the works,strong evidence suggests that its for the ps4, i was so excited to hear about this. it was kind of obvious...
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    Anyone else excited about GTA V? well...

    GTA IV was awesome , i was hopign for vice city instead of san andreas for GTA V but san andreas is still cool. what abotu you guys did you hope for san andreas or vice city?

    also Some dude made...
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    cant wait

    cant wait
  6. love dbz

    love dbz
  7. takes me around 18 hours

    takes me around 18 hours
  8. it just seems like another modnation racers......

    it just seems like another modnation racers... sony hypes it up alot and amybe faisl to lvie upto its expectations
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    nice i loved lbp creating levels was so fun

    nice i loved lbp creating levels was so fun
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