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    List of Stereotypes

    Stereotypes are generalizations about groups and individual members thereof, based primarily on membership in that group. They may be positive or negative prejudicial, they may be accurate or inaccurate regarding average characteristics of a group, and may be used to justify certain discriminatory behaviors.

    Some people consider all stereotypes to be negative because they are unjust to individuals who vary from group characteristics. Stereotypes may be accurate, based on some kernel of truth yet exaggerated, or completely fabricated. Different disciplines give different accounts of how stereotypes develop: Psychologists focus on how experience with groups, patterns of communication about the groups, and intergroup conflict. Sociologists focus on the relations among groups and position of different groups in a social structure. Psychoanalytically-oriented humanists have argued (e.g., Sander Gilman) that stereotypes, by definition, are never accurate representations, but a projection of an individual's fears onto others, regardless of the reality of others.

    Although stereotypes are rarely entirely accurate, statistical studies have shown that in some cases stereotypes do represent measurable facts. [source]

    This is a list of common attributes, characteristics and behaviors shared by all the members of a specific nationality, group, ethnicity, or race, without exception.


    * Are Black
    * Tribalistic, even genocidally so.
    * Highly AIDS-prone.
    * War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.
    * Corrupt and dictatorial governments.
    * Blame Whitey for all their problems.
    * Internet scammers.
    * Like the big boo-tay.
    * Spear-chuckers
    * Highly religious
    * Often have swollen lips.


    * Corrupt government
    * Thieves and robbers
    * Rich literature, with the oldest proof of written documentation of ther tongue going a staggering 400 years back (circa 1600 AD). Had to wait 2 centuries after the americas were discovered to actually decide that they had something memorable to write down
    * most beautiful race in Albania, third only to dogs and goats (see below)
    * smartest people in the world (believe it, people!)
    * Hate Greeks and Serbs and call them darkskinned big-nosed mongrels (but would allow both of them to do their wives and daughters for a reasonable fee)
    * Alcoholics
    * Love any roasted meat (but rarely get it)
    * Construction workers but somehow they all seem to have a university degree (renowned Tirana Uni)
    * Love Americans, Jews, Nazis, Europeans, , and everyone who doesn't share borders with them
    * greatest lovers (as a survey including a sample of 2,100 goats and sheeps concluded). Second only to Welsh in terms of inter-special sexual intercourse frequency
    * there are no gays in their country (sorry, that's Iran...)
    * they're the greatest warriors in the world (having won no battle whatsoever)
    * Hate their politicians but somehow they manage to reelect them every time
    * They all speak Italian
    * Short temper, violent
    * No Emos nor Goths
    * Their gangs and mafia can be found all over Europe and North America


    * Can't decide if they are French or German.
    * Enjoy a nice bratwurst and sauerkraut (German cuisine) with goose liver p‚tť and a bottle of chateau Lafitte (French cuisine).
    * Know all the words to both "La Marseillaise" and "Deutchland Łber Alles".
    * Their only claim to fame is the Alsatian Shepherd Dog, ironically called German Shepherds by most people.


    * An embarrassment to their country
    * Obese
    * Ugly
    * Love drugs
    * All their women are hookers
    * Obsessed with everything red, white and gay
    * Obese
    * Jealous of Canadians
    * Women are short, fat and ugly.
    * Stink like butter
    * Pays an Arab every time they go to the gas station
    * Have the highest percentage of gay men in the world
    * Against modern day Nazis that are blissfully unaware of themselves.
    * Stereotyped to be stupid but cuddly creatures.
    * Obese
    * Hysterically aware of everything around them.
    * Determined to leave as little of the environment possible.
    * Loud.
    * Emotional
    * Obese
    * Reserve their leadership for movie-stars and soft-in-the-head college kids
    * Compost heap of all the trash kicked out of Europe centuries ago
    * Men wear panties
    * Prone to owning defense mechanisms against the ever growing threat of robbers
    * Unable to appreciate anything not American 'cause, America is the way to go!
    * Obese
    * Always complain about the complaining other nations
    * Christian
    * Has weight problems

    Arabs/Middle Easterners

    * Anti-semitic
    * Get paid every time a white person goes to the gas station
    * Everyone supports or commits terrorism against white people
    * Made the AK-47 the pop icon it is today
    * The reason US troops never come out of the "green zone"
    * Hate the white man
    * Religious zealotry
    * Think all European women in bikinis are for sale
    * Suicidal
    * Kicked white ass in the Crusades
    * Muslim
    * Rich like hell
    * Have the widest $#@!s in the world and the second longest $#@!s after the black man
    * They are all Sand ******s
    * Kicking Jewish ass is a favorite pastime
    * Women are sexy/attractive (especially Lebanese girls)


    * Consider themselves superior to other Latin Americans
    * Hated by other Latin Americans
    * Egocentric
    * Galicians with half brain
    * Make fun of the Galicians without realizing that they are Galicians themselves
    * Think Argentina is located in Europe. That's true, they include this in geography textbooks!
    * Know how to tango
    * Affinity for steak and wine
    * Often brag about their European heritage
    * Harbored Nazi War Criminals
    * Tendency towards Authoritarianism


    * Extremely hairy
    * Talk about the Armenian genocide of 353 AD all the time
    * Religious
    * Alcoholics
    * Their unibrows make them good at chess
    * Poor hygiene, smelly
    * Really $#@!in' musicians
    * Like to brag
    * Hate Turks like no other
    * They all live in the Glendale Republic of California
    * Eat copious amounts of pepperoni and green peppers, mushrooms, olives, chives!


    * Wear Tirolean hats and lederhosen
    * Play giant Alpine horns
    * Excellent singers/yodelers
    * Stooges to the Nazis
    * Great musicians and composers
    * Export charismatic politicians such as the chancellor of Germany, and governor of California
    * Annoy people by singing everywhere they go, as in the film The Sound of Music


    * Drink beer constantly
    * Eat meat pies constantly
    * Watch AFL constantly
    * Descended from criminals (Based on past as a British penal colony)
    * Aggressive but good-natured
    * Everyone gets a "fair go"
    * Wrestle/hunt crocodiles
    * Generous, friendly
    * Lazy
    * Wear 'short-shorts' regardless of weather
    * Dingoes ate their babies
    * Adventurous, courageous
    * Tendency to get in barfights
    * Known for preparing barbequed shrimp ("shrimp on the barbie")
    * Keep Kangaroos as common domestic pets and ride them around


    * Detest Spaniards
    * Detest France
    * Primitive
    * Enjoy cutting down trees and lifting rocks
    * Wear berets all the time
    * Socialist tendencies
    * Inbred
    * Descended from Neanderthals
    * Big ears, long chin
    * Weird, "ancient" language
    * The devil once attempted to learn their language but failed


    * Fine chocolatiers
    * A penchant for ******y (as referenced by Dr. Evil in first Austin Powers film)
    * Bland, boring
    * Easily invaded and conquered
    * The actual inventors of French Fries
    * Excellent varietal beers
    * Invented waffles (Belgian waffle)
    * Hercule Poirot is the most famous fictional citizen
    * Reputation for fussiness

    Blacks/African Americans

    * Have been in jail, or will likely one day go to jail
    * Poor, relegated to the ghetto/projects/slums; drug-dealing
    * "Deadbeat dads"
    * Fathering many children with different women; high rate of out-of-wedlock births
    * Enjoy loud rap music.
    * Street thugs, criminals, angry young men, Violent, Aggresive
    * Affinity for watermelon, fried chicken, okra, collard greens, malt liquor, menthols
    * Supposedly hypersexual; larger-than-average male genitalia
    * Prone to venereal diseases
    * Good athletes (especially basketball)
    * Lower intelligence, poor academic ability
    * Laziness, apathy
    * Catagorized by fat 'n' flat noses, big lips, big ass, and beating their children in the supermarket line
    * common racial and discriminatory terms used against them include-
    o ******
    o Spear Chucker
    o Cotton Picker
    o Alpha-****** aka. the strongest black in jail
    o Ape which comes from the idea that they are less evolved, and more tempermental then whites
    o Apple (has to do with the way people used to execute the bad)
    o Slaves (hung from a tree)
    * Females argumentative, especially if they work behind a counter
    * Like big butts
    * Lust for white woman
    * Cannot lie
    o And if he's caught, his brothers can't deny


    * Love meat
    * Love beer
    * Drinks beer at work while dancing Samba
    * Believe that are superior to Argentinians
    * Hate Argentinians and Americans
    * Hate gauchos; Brazilians from the south that are more like Argentinians
    * Love their European culture and do not admit that they are mostly black
    * Rich coloured people acts whiter to real white Brazilians
    * Brazilians will say to a foreigner: Brazil is the best place, beautiful people, beutiful beaches, Brazilians are friendly and bla bla bla...
    * Low IQ (The brazilians with high IQ adotes another nacionality!)
    * Loves to have the "biggest" forest, the "biggest" footbal stadium, the "best" soccer team, the "best" people and the biggest brests
    * Can't speak Portuguese and English
    * Football lovers
    * Rapist
    * Has a plot to dominate orkut (
    * Believe that Orkut is a plot to dominate the world
    * Love to dance and party, keep very late hours
    * Integrate "flair" into every possible aspect of their lives.
    * Sexually promiscuous, adulterous
    * Poorly run economy, rampant inflation
    * Start having sex at a young age
    * Sexy, attractive ("booty-jiggling")


    * Known for the phrase "Bulih Kali Ahh"
    * Lousy and wreckless drivers
    * Worships Friendster
    * Always complain about the government
    * Acts to be rich while in Malaysia
    * Weird fetish for expensive Nokia phones
    * Xenophobia


    * Relaxed and laid back people
    * Love beer and ice hockey (in Canada just called hockey)
    * Think that curling is a sport worth watching
    * Don't like being confused with Americans although they bring it on themselves by copying everything the Americans have copyrights on
    * Don't like being confused with Americans although they bring it on themselves by adoring and emulating all American movies, television shows, celebrities, and music.
    * Problem with 51st State perception
    * Secretly jealous of Americans
    * Very obsessed with being "politically correct"
    * Easily offended but often too chicken to say anything about it
    * Year-long waiting lists for routine checkups at the doctor's
    * Have no issues with being taxed to death in order to support their welfare state
    * Hang out at Donut Shops and Dollar Stores
    * Upset that the average American couldn't care less what the capital of Saskatchewan is
    * Bad tippers
    * Wear knit caps (toques) and call each other "hoser"
    * Believe that the French Language Police keeps their country together
    * Funny (Mike Myers, Jim Carrey)
    * Think that all of their celebrities that have achieved success in the USA are special.
    * Think that their celebrities that have NOT achieved success in the USA are worthless.
    * Believe that they "won" the War of 1812
    * Dull
    * Say "eh" a lot
    * Polite to American tourists, snide and rude to other Canadians
    * Have their very own bacon
    * Their entire police force consists of half-a-dozen people (mounties) that ride moose, wear canadian flags as capes, and have diets of nothing but maple syrup.
    * Come from Canadia
    * Look like trashcans
    * Like, they live in igloos, eh?
    * The world's gay friend

    Central Americans

    * Raised in extreme poverty
    * Clumsy
    * Poor hygiene
    * High birthrate
    * Willing to "work for peanuts"


    * Hate Argentines
    * Hate Peruvians
    * Hate Bolivians
    * Are hated by Peruvians, Argentines, Bolivians, Chileans, and many others.
    * Lazy
    * Unpunctual
    * Communist
    * Nazi
    * Militarist
    * Nationalist
    * Deny their South American heritage.
    * Are gay.


    * There's literally billions of them
    * Superstitous, obsessed with luck, avid gamblers
    * Live in a corrupt dictatorship but don't really care
    * Sing like William Hung
    * Inscrutable
    * Eat fish heads
    * Eat cats and dogs
    * Pick rice
    * Hock loogies and spit indiscriminately in public
    * Good at maths and science - think they have better brains
    * Insular
    * Incredibly bad drivers
    * Created Widescreen view
    * Hate Japanese people
    * Cultural superiority complex
    * Are kung-fu masters

    Chinese Americans

    * Dominate the laundry and dry cleaning services
    * Good at school, Large presence in Colleges
    * Live in a Chinatown
    * Cannot drive well
    * When speaking Engrish, leprace arr r's with l's and l's with r's


    * Drug dealers/drug mules
    * Work at coffee plantations (Juan Valdez)
    * Snobbish
    * women are catty
    * Submissive, obedient wives
    * Grow weed in backyard
    * Love to party
    * Attracive, sexy
    * In jail, have been to jail or will go to jail
    * In a gang
    * Good bodies (big booties)
    * Poor or ghetto

    Cuban Americans

    * Believe they are superior to other hispanics
    * Call each other 'chico'
    * Large concentration in Florida, especially Miami
    * Usually wealthier than other Hispanics in the U.S.
    * Hate Fidel Castro, but send money to their relatives back in Cuba
    * Love to dance, love clubbing/night life
    * Responsible for most of those cheesy Hispanic television programs produced in the U.S.

    Czechs & Slovaks

    * Military ineptitude, easily conquered/defeated
    * Hate being called Czechoslovakians
    * Great cheap beer, jolly when drinking beer
    * Can drink incredible amounts of beer without getting drunk
    * Bohemian $#@!es
    * Sneaky, clever
    * Almost as good in science & technology as the Germans
    * Drink too much
    * Ugly, smelly
    * Still poor from formerly being Eastern Bloc country
    * Affinity for folk music & gypsy music
    * Smoke too much
    * horrible in bed


    * Good beer, enjoy their beer
    * Happy go lucky, fun loving, pranksters
    * Sexy, attractive
    * Easily conquered by Nazis in WWII (despite Viking history)
    * Fine sailors
    * Smoke more cigarettes than any other nation
    * Give their children cigarettes insted of sweets
    * Still lots of Danish hippies
    * Reputation for free love
    * People get naked in public parks
    * Fit & healthy people, but not known for athleticism
    * Believe most Swedish men are gay & weak
    * Dependent on cradle to grave welfare state
    * Speaks English even better than the Dutch
    * Likes Metallica, because the drummer (aka trashcan banger) is Danish.
    * Notorious for their Jante's Law


    * Rowdy
    * Obsessed with baseball
    * Constantly eat plantains
    * Own 'bodegas'
    * Men father children from different women
    * Promiscuous females


    * Good beer, jolly when drinking beer
    * Actually, Heineken tastes like glue mixed with piss
    * Attractive/sexy
    * Men are boring romantic partners, but also bisexual
    * Promiscuous, start having sex at a young age
    * Reputation of "anything goes" with legal cannabis and prostitution
    * Highly tolerant, just as long as you're "one of us"
    * Speak English better than British or Americans
    * Obsessed with cleanliness
    * Wooden shoes, tulips, eastpacks and windmills dominate perception of culture
    * Owned and operated the slave ships/trade between Africa and the Americas - guilty over historically ill gotten gains
    * Travel through Europe in mobile homes
    * Bad skiers
    * Very tall
    * Xenophobic despite liberal attitudes to drugs, sex, ect.
    * High


    * Suck at sport
    * Uppity
    * Proud
    * Loud
    * Drinking
    * Fighting
    * Multicultural
    * Bad teeth
    * Warm beers
    * Wet, cold, foggy environment; occasional sunny days
    * Love tea, especially jolly when drinking it
    * Crap government
    * Crap laws (putting taxes on taxes on taxes on taxes!)
    * Inbred royals that no one cares about
    * Inbred royals the media can't get enough of
    * Reputation as football hooligans
    * Despise the French
    * Easily embarrassed; overly polite
    * Prone to casual violence and binge drinking
    * Make the best butlers
    * Small due to sunlight deficiency
    * Constant whinging
    * Find Men dressed as Women remarkably hilarious
    * Ape-like if from the north, effeminate if from the south
    * Smell like fish finger poo
    * Heavy accent that you can't understand.


    * Always complain about elections
    * Always complain about election results
    * Always complain about politicians
    * Always complain about prostitution
    * Always complain about Russians
    * Always complain about tourists
    * Always complain about Estonians getting caught with drugs abroad
    * Always complain about EU not giving enough money to them
    * Always complain about the government on power
    * Always complain about others complaining about Estonians
    * Eat only K-kohuke (K-cheese curd)
    * Always complain about the letter "K" being in front of "kohuke"
    * Good prostitutes

    Europeans, collectively

    * Affinity for football
    * Racist at football games
    * Emulates American pop culture, for no real reason
    * Rude to morons (see: Americans)
    * Comfortable with nudity
    * Unemployed in Germany
    * Political disunity
    * Xenophobia
    * Emphasis on ancestry
    * Smoke too much in France
    * Think they are better than anyone else
    * Wear too much spandex


    * Avid hunters, outdoorsmen
    * Eat Santa's reindeer with santa
    * Sexy, attractive
    * Believe/known all Swedish men are gay & weak
    * Alcoholics
    * Depressed, high suicide rate
    * Make depressing and confusing films
    * Proud of fighting/resisting Russians, Swedish, Vikings, and tourists
    * Reputation for toughness
    * Considered intolerant by their Lapp/Sami minority
    * Too many vowels & not enough consonants in language
    * Obsessed with symphonic & epic-sounding music
    * Finnish words: Perkele, jumatsuikkeli and reilumeininki
    * Corrupt, cynical and nihilistic from birth
    * The rednecks of Europe


    * Poor hygiene, smelly
    * Nationally chauvinistic
    * Male chauvinist
    * Cowardly, weak
    * Militarily inept
    * Promiscuous, philanderers, adulterers
    * Affinity for grand prix racing and bicycle racing
    * Headbutt people while playing Futbol
    * Pretentious, artistic
    * Extremely rude - especially waiters
    * Extremely anti-Semitic
    * Disdainful of Americans and British; extremely jealous of
    * Emotionally bitter and cynical
    * Emphasis on history, and perception of cultural inferiority
    * Smoke far too much
    * Women have hairy armpits
    * Have an inability to accept that they are no longer the most powerful nation in the world.
    * Give their children wine and cannibis to develop rough, frog like voices necessary to be accepted into adulthood.


    * Can't speak priperly
    * Like to smoke, alot
    * Hate english people
    * Believe that thier command of the french language is far superior to anyone else
    * Like poutine
    * Can drink at a young age but would rather not, perhaps to spite the english tennagers that cross the border to buy alchohol in Quebec, Canada


    * A Spaniard with half a brain
    * Blonder than the Spaniards, and perhaps not coincidentially, dumber than the Spaniards (Dumb Blond)
    * Smarter than the Argentines
    * Takes about three of them to change a lightbulb
    * Clumsy
    * Latin Americans make racist jokes about them
    * Not as fiercely independist as the Catalans or the Basques
    * Their language sounds like Portuguese with a Spanish accent.
    * Think their language is distinct from Portuguese, when it is actually not (Although it is true, because Portuguese itself is actually a variant of Galician)
    * Think of themselves as Celts.


    * Admire tall stature, blue eyes, blond hair ("Aryan")
    * Spartan and humorless
    * Man thongs
    * All must listen to techno, extreme death metal, and/or Aqua.
    * Have the dirtiest porn
    * Good beer, jolly when drinking beer
    * Industrious, precise, punctual
    * Militaristic, regimented
    * Cruel, brutal
    * Intolerance; Nazis; anti-Semitic; Holocaust
    * Sad computer geeks
    * Whiners
    * Xenophobia, hate towards immigrants
    * TYSK!
    * Their language sounds like this: "Derb shtrehuben grabenschterbenferbenshteit" (But it does!)


    * Short
    * Dark, swarthy & hairy
    * Drink lots of Ouzo
    * Smoke too much
    * Unduly proud of achievements of ancient Greeks, with no recent achievements of any note
    * Men dance with other men, and break plates
    * Religiously devout and yet somehow atheist.
    * Never marry other ethnicities other than Greek
    * Occasional recreational $#@!sexuality
    * Occasional pederasty
    * Hate the Turks passionately
    * Completely ****ing useless
    * Love goats

    Greek Americans

    * See above list for Greeks; see also My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    * Tend to own diners, bars and restaurants (especially Greek restaurants)
    * Live in close knit, family/church based communities
    * Children have to marry other Greeks, or parents will die of shame
    * Tend to use "catch phrases"
    * Cook a lamb every easter
    * Know (or are related to) every other Greek in town
    * Loud to the point of annoying all around
    * Inability to conceptualize how their personality comes across to others.
    * Dislike being associated with Italians in any way
    * Spray Windex on everything
    * Males (& lesbians) would love to **** Maria Menounos


    * Voodoo practitioners
    * Dim-witted
    * Corrupt government
    * Susceptible to AIDS
    * Live in shacks made of aluminum sheets and tires held together with AIDS viruses


    * Pseudo-religious Catholics
    * Obsessed with sex and porn
    * $#@!phobic
    * Stubborn
    * Hungarian women are the meanest
    * Weird language
    * Short and explosive tempers
    * Control freaks with no idea what they want
    * Emo
    * Dark
    * Classical music
    * Paprika


    * Tall, blond or red hair (except for BjŲrk)
    * Pale nearly transparent skin
    * Very attractive, sexy
    * More sheep than people (only 300,000 souls)
    * The men are the strongest ones in the world
    * The women are the most beautiful in the world
    * Three Icelandic women have won the Miss World competition, including Miss World 2005
    * Pacifists with no military of their own, but love to fight when intoxicated
    * Drink and smoke far too much
    * Alcoholicism, drunkenness, constantly party
    * Unwelcome at many Southern European/Mediterranean resorts (due to excessive drinking)
    * Promiscuous, adulterous
    * Affinity for fermented shark meat, goat head, and hot dogs made of sheep
    * They all are either related or know each other
    * Dislike Danes
    * Dependent on cradle to grave welfare state
    * Avid readers, authors and chess players
    * Collect technological gadgets and devices
    * Make pretentious music
    * Everyone lives in Reykjavik

    Indians/India (or, dots not feathers)

    * Fond of curry and tend to munch it
    * Hindus
    * Awful smell, especially the one in seat next to you on a 12-hour flight
    * All immigrate to America
    * Clogging up America
    * Only interested in studying medicine, computer science or finance
    * Greedy
    * Will handle your customer service concerns every time you call an 800 number
    * Run all of the 7/11's and Dunkin' Donuts
    * Become Doctors
    * Especially Sihks, extremely lazy; get their kids to do all the work for them
    * Can't seem to get away from them
    * More body hair than other races
    * Considered the most haughty and prideful race
    * Sexayyyyy
    * Invented the convenience store

    Irish/Nothern Irish

    * Potato loving (spuds)
    * Leprechauns
    * Drinking
    * Fighting
    * Fighting after drinking
    * Drinking during fighting
    * Fighting during drinking
    * Drinking after fighting
    * Poverty, claiming off the dole
    * English-hating
    * Sending celebrities abroad to confirm all of said stereotypes (Shane Macgowan, Roy Keane, Collin Farrell)
    * Being pregnant
    * open air mental hospital
    * favourite irish drinks: guinness, bucky, harp, magners, jack daniels, sothern comfort, kilkenny, and a pint of water to avoid avoid a that everlasting hangover

    Irish Americans

    * See above list for the Irish
    * Males suffer from the "Irish Curse" of big genitalia and no conterception
    * Majority personnel of police forces and fire departments
    * Patriotic to both the U.S. and Eire
    * Politically active in both the Republican and Democrat parties
    * Political influence (racketeering, corruption)
    * Unfriendly to later immigrants - seen as taking jobs from Irish Americans
    * Host large drunken parades on Saint Patrick's Day


    * Deeply religious (Pastafarianism)
    * Love good food & wine
    * Greasy
    * World's most reckless drivers
    * Proud of their history, culture, art, & architecture
    * Corrupt, esp. in relation to Sicily & southern Italy
    * Affinity for sports cars, grand prix racing
    * Irritable, easily offended, violent
    * Inefficient, unable to maintain schedules (except under Mussolini, when trains ran on time)
    * Affinity for night life
    * Stylish, fashionable
    * Like to go on strike
    * Fascists (1920s-1940s)
    * Communists (1945-1960s)
    * Prone to diving
    * force their culture upon every other first world country, mutilating it in the process
    * Love their "fully sick" subwoofers
    * Ride mopeds instead of walking
    * Constantly trying to rescue girlfriend from a giant lizard-dragon thing, only to have a small guy in a wierd hat and a diaper tell them that the princess is in another castle
    * Responsible for the Mafia in America

    Italian Americans

    * Involved in organized crime (the Mafia), often in relation to restaurants (pizzerias, delicatessens, catering halls), casinos, construction/concrete/contracting and auto repair
    * Consumes pasta
    * Mostly found in Staten Island, New York
    * Have orange tans
    * Burly, hirsute
    * Employed in blue-collar jobs
    * Affinity for sports cars and fake gold jewelry
    * Irritable, easily offended, violent
    * Vulgar tastes
    * Affinity for dance halls and night clubs
    * Mama's boys
    * Remain with parents well into adulthood, perhaps entire life
    * All married males have a mistress, plus "a little something on the side"

    Italian Australians

    * Pasta on the barbie
    * Bella Coffee
    * Oh oH Fully sick sub woofa and eggs with a ration of bacon on the side
    * My fully sick VL-CALAI-T.U.R.B.O
    * Kellllllla


    * Hates the white man
    * Rastafarians
    * Practice witchcraft
    * Domineering, bossy women
    * Wear dreadlocks
    * Hatred of gay people
    * Love of cannabis
    * Good at reggae and hair growing


    * Samurais or ninjas
    * Love sushi and other raw fish dishes
    * Cunning, reputation for sneak attacks
    * Cruel, sadistic
    * Suicidal (seppuku, kamikaze)
    * Short
    * Extremely competitive
    * Consider themselves superior to other Asians
    * Corrupt government, system of political spoils
    * Technologically obsessed/fixated
    o Make every video game in existence today
    * Big shiny eyes and oddly-colored hair
    * Male chauvinism/very unequal relationship between men and women
    o The deferential "geisha" stereotype
    * Workaholic mentality:
    o Company men ("sarariman"), office lady
    o Push children too hard in school
    o Can make every electronic device smaller and faster
    * Sexual duality: sexually repressed, but perverted/libidinous
    o Fetish for schoolgirls ("roricon"), schoolgirl uniforms ("bura-sera")
    o Hentai; bukkake
    * Extreme/excessive overcrowding
    * Xenophobic
    * Using giant hornet venom to repel disrespectful models
    * Buy used underwear on the street...oh wait, that one's true.
    * Own Dojos and/or Sushi Bars
    * All businesses run by the Yakuza


    * Simutaneously holds all the currency of the world in one place, while the rest of the world circulates fraudulent cash.
    * Parsimonious, desire to amass wealth, Love Money
    * Larger than average noses
    * Communist revolutionaries
    * Look down on non-Jews, Consider themselves "chosen" and superior
    * Lawyers, accountants, businessmen, bankers and Hollywood producers
    * Over-analytical/neurotic, self-defeating and discontented (Woody Allen)
    * Too witty
    * Too sarcastic
    * Too gentle
    * Above-average comedic talent
    * Always complaining ("kvetching")
    * Nagging mothers
    * Fussy
    * Hassidic and Orthodox Jews make love through a hole in a sheet
    * Dominant in science and medicine
    * Megalomaniacal; strive to control/dominate all organized establishments
    * Consume mostly bagels, seltzer water, deli food
    * Low sense of Morality
    * Manipulative and Calculating, particularly involving social issues
    * Stick to their own kind
    * Constantly under the threat of genocide
    * in Soviet Russia, they kill Germans
    * Keep necklaces with gold around their necks.


    * Eat dogs and cats
    * eats Kimchi
    * tune cars
    * Uber gosu-est micro (e.g BoxeR's dropship mechanics)
    * Considered not as smart as the Chinese
    * Inferior technology
    * Prominent sex trade
    * masters at starcraft, warcraft, etc.
    * Passionately hate Japanese
    o Think Japan altered their country's name from 'Corea' to 'Korea', just to make it alphabetically subsequent to Japan
    * Really good breakdancers
    * Love big corporations like Samsung
    * Maple-story
    * Commies
    * Too Good at Soccer


    * Corrupt government, corrupt police; rampant kidnapping in Mexico City, crime relatively unchecked in rest of country
    * Gunslingers and drug trafickers
    * Short and dark-skinned
    * Wear sombreros
    * Charros
    * Mariachis
    * Both men and women sport large moustaches
    * Lazier than average
    * Excel at fence-jumping, swimming, running, etc.
    * Devoutly Catholic, devotion to Virgin Mary
    * Hate Gringos
    * Capable of digesting virtually any known substance
    * Tired of hearing about the Battle of the Alamo
    * Very nationalistic
    * Proud of the achievements of the powerful indigenous civilizations that once thrived in Mexico, but widely opress and discriminate against these people nowadays
    * Poor neighbor syndrome
    * Rigid class system based on race
    * Affinity for bullfights, hat dances, soccer, beer, tacos, beans and corn
    * Enjoy an illegal trip across the Rio Grande
    * Marijuana Mules
    * Celebrate everything, even though there's nothing to celebrate
    * They have more kids than Chuck Norris has balls(17 as of 1-1-0001)

    Mexican Americans

    * See above list for the Mexicans
    * Affinity for beans
    * Wearing of sombreros
    * Often takes naps
    * Religious
    * Often employed as gardeners or farm workers
    * Affinity for low riding cars
    * Affinity for auto repair, stealing of cars and hubcaps
    * Illegal immigrants, "wetbacks"
    * Gang members
    * Construction workers
    * Lazy
    * Love education; go to nightschool; take Spanish; Get a "B"
    * Work at McDonalds or other fast food joints


    * Rule most of Holland, where they use 'tolerance' and 'multi-culturalism' as an excuse to lie, steal, maim, kill and insult.

    Native Americans

    * Alcoholism
    * Feathers, war bonnets, war paint
    * Indigent
    * Often owns casinos (Indian casino)
    * Particularly spiritual; noble savage
    * Sagacious elderly
    * Wise
    * Often live on reservations
    * make their own money

    New Zealanders

    * Being jealous of their Australian neighbours
    * Excellent mountaineers - for example Sir Edmund Hillary
    * Call themselves Kiwis after a native bird (not the fruit)
    * Avid hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen
    * More sheep than people
    * Rumored to shag the occasional sheep
    * Enjoy drinking and telling jokes at the pub
    * Not known for formality - for example Peter Jackson of The Lord of the Rings fame
    * Known for their "she'll be right" attitude to politics


    * Great athletes
    * Avid hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen & mariners
    * Eat Santa's reindeer
    * Sexy, attractive
    * Tall, blonde, blue eyed majority
    * Believe they are the finest sailors in the world
    * Stoic, unemotional
    * Reputation for toughness
    * Depressed, high suicide rate
    * Alcoholic
    * Tasteless food, tasteless weak beer
    * Dependent on north sea oil revenues for cradle to grave welfare state
    * Prominent brows and other skull ridges (square headed)
    * Believe most Swedish men are gay & weak
    * Death metal
    * Rich but boring..

    Norwegian Americans

    * See above list for the Norwegians
    * Mostly live in Minnesota, North Dakota & Wisconsin (upper midwest)
    * Devout Lutherans
    * Attend pot-luck suppers
    * Eat Lutefisk & Kippers frequently
    * Guilt obsessed
    * Norwegians & Icelanders proud they got to America before the Italians & Spanish
    * Love the Hockey, eh'
    * Talk like Sheriff Marge Gunderson in the Coen Brothers film Fargo
    * Say Uff'Da when annoyed


    * Say "Argh!" a lot.
    * Rape and Pillage.
    * Bury Treasure.
    * Unbury Buried Treasure.
    * Draw Treasure maps.
    * Know Johnny Depp.
    * Their ships use Pier-to-Pier technology


    * Alcoholism
    * Low intelligence (vast majority of the population), extremely intelligent (very few), with no middle ground
    * Deeply religious (Catholicism), proud of Pope John Paul II
    * Beautiful women with large breasts
    * Rotten cabbage, rotten cucumber and pork-knuckle based cuisine
    * Independent, rebellious, courageous
    * Most of them are dumb farmers
    * Like to steal cars more than Gypsies (from Gone in 60 Seconds(1974))

    Polish Americans

    * See above list for Poles
    * More Poles in Chicago than in Warsaw
    * Big sports fans
    * Love to drink beer, and eat kielbasa (esp. when watching football)
    * Used to hearing lots of Polish jokes
    * Perception as traditional blue collar catholics
    * Mike Ditka considered a national hero


    * Obese
    * Long lived and healthy
    * Live in a paradise-like setting
    * Promiscuous
    * Love SPAM (the canned meat - not junk email)

    Puerto Ricans

    * Believe they are superior to Mexican Americans or Dominicans
    * Love to eat rice and beans
    * Usually wealthier than Mexican Americans
    * Decry their status as second class citizens, but glad not to pay federal income tax
    * Love to dance, love clubing/night life
    * Have disruptive parades in urban areas
    * Hostile towards any perceived disrespect of the Puerto Rican flag
    * Associated with drug dealers
    * Perceived contributions to world are salsa singers
    * Perception of being dark skinned


    * Alcoholism
    * Involved in organized crime, usually in the illegal sale of firearms
    * Affinity for vodka
    * Can drink massive amounts of alcohol and still pass a sobriety test.
    * Associated with communism
    * Affinity for balalaika
    * Irritable, easily offended, violent
    * Swoon into the arms of the closest dictator
    * Wearing of ushanka
    * Particularly comely females (until age 35 or so)
    * Cranky, mistrusting
    * Pessimistic and highly cynical
    * Spies
    * Prostitutes, pornography of all sorts
    * Speak English with a very thick accent
    * Respond to Your Mom jokes with extreme offence
    * Extremely rich oligarchs live in London while masses of poor live in squalid holes back home
    * Large portion of the Russian female population available to buy on the Internet
    * All females have those ugly hairy moles on their face.
    * Babushkas
    * Hated by Estonians, Americans, Japanese for reasons entirely to do with their association to communism
    * Are pretty much invincible.(See Rasputin)


    * Drunk, sentimental, lyrical
    * Dislike of the English
    * Wear kilts and tartan
    * Rude, surly, irritable, easily offended, violent
    * Inventive
    * Clanknish
    * Parsimonious
    * Adventurous, courageous, independent, rebellious
    * Hairy
    * Painted themselves with Wade (blue pigment) before battle
    * Military skill, unless fighting English
    * Known to eat offal, haggis, and kippers
    * Play bagpipes
    * Will deep-fry almost anything (haggis, pizza, mars bars, cows testicles, their own testicles, etc.)
    * Refuses to wear anything under their kilts, for obvious reasons


    * All Alcoholics
    * Always want to mention that some gay, was a Serb
    * Arrogant
    * Good musicians
    * Good in sport, except football
    * ****ed nation (thatís why everyone bombs them)
    * Heroic military, although 90% of them avoid serving the army
    * $#@!sexual Hooligans
    * In Yugoslav wars, they believed they killed none and everyone killed them
    * Like to kill their own state leaders: Karageorge, Michael Obrenovitch, Alexander Obrenovitch, Ivan Stambolic, Zoran Djindjic
    * Nationalists, Communists, and generally tendency towards Authoritarianism
    * Paranoiac because of the World Conspiracy against them
    * Religiously devout, although they confuse church with a grocery-shop
    * Short memory; survived genocide commit by Croats in WW2, but they kept in one state with them
    * Spite; do thing purposely although they know itís not good for them
    * The most ancient nation in the world; formed even before amoebas
    * Their philosophy: They canít pay me so little as I can work so little
    * They hate politicians, although they need their ďbeloved Father of a NationĒ
    * They love their glorious history, although it is full of lossiness
    * They think that Albanians, Americans, Bosniaks, Croats, gays, Freemasons, Jews, lesbians, Muslims, Smurfs, Pope, get up every single morning thinking how to harm them


    * Have stereotypes on every possible type of person
    * Look down on Latin Americans
    * Talk with a lisp
    * Enjoy getting run over by bulls
    * Nihilistic party animals
    * Affinity for sangria, ham, bullfighting and paella
    * Treat animals cruelly
    * Fanatic Catholics; controlled by the Jesuits
    * Able to become addicted to anything
    * When talking, they use a "Z" instead of an "S"


    * Tall, blond
    * Attractive, sexy
    * Neutral in international conflicts
    * tanned
    * Make depressing, confusing, or overly maudlin movies/films
    * Alcoholic
    * Danes & Finns & Norwegians believe most Swedish men are gay
    * Promiscuous, adulterous
    * Tasteless food, tasteless weak beer
    * Prominent brows and other skull ridges (square headed)
    * Dependent from cradle on grave welfare state


    * Stoic, teutonic
    * Neutral on nearly everything
    * Tendency to smoke way too much, and everywhere
    * Takes their dogs everywhere, on trains and in restaurants
    * War profiteers in WWII
    * Affinity for cuckoo clocks
    * Wear lederhosen
    * Suspicious banking practices
    * Every one is called "Sven"


    * Skinny
    * Drug addicts
    * Anarchists
    * Consider themselves superior of other Africans
    * Don't marry outside their own tribe
    * Dont like to be called "Somalian"
    * Hate being confused for an Ethiopian
    * Anti-American
    * dirty spam heads that knock over everything in their path!
    * scavengers


    * Prone to having two heads
    * Not actually part of Australia
    * Enjoy relations with those of the same family
    * Australia doesnt want them


    * Prefer spicy food
    * Prominent sex trade
    * Festering kettle of sexual perversion and disease
    * Sexual enslavement of women, including underaged girls
    * Paedophile tourist destination
    * Drink snake blood as an aphrodisiac
    * Prominent illegal drug trade


    * Short
    * Dark, swarthy & hairy
    * Prideful
    * Nationalistic
    * Smoke water pipes
    * Play chess and other games in public squares/outdoor cafes
    * Occasional recreational $#@!sexuality
    * Occasional pederasty
    * Hate the Greeks and Armenians passionately, since Greece owned them
    * Admire European women
    * Love to barbecue lamb
    * Pretend to be smart
    * Pretend to be straight
    * Enjoy threesomes with other animals
    * Wannabe Arabs
    * In the process of taking over Germany
    * Pirates


    * Eat dogs and cats
    * Insane
    * Cunning, cruel
    * Small in stature, petite
    * Wear black pajamas
    * Excellent tunnel diggers
    * Nearly hairless
    * Superstitous, obsessed with luck, avid gamblers
    * eat noodles

    Vietnamese Americans

    * See above list for the Vietnamese
    * Loyal Americans
    * Excellent students
    * Suspicious of non-Viets
    * Some problems with youth gangs
    * Many employed as manicurists and hair stylists
    * Petite females considered sexually desirable

    WASP Americans

    * Fanatical Republican supporters
    * Extremely Pale
    * Bland, boring
    * Favor Gin & Tonics over other drinks, call them G&Ts
    * Send their kids to prep schools
    * Protestant, but not religious
    * Wealthy, but don't like to show off their wealth
    * Tendency towards being inbred
    * Claim to have at least one ancestor from the Mayflower
    * Tendency towards preppy clothes and hairstyles
    * Tendency to have a superior or patronizing attitude to their "lessers"
    * The "waspiest" speak with Connectthedots "lockjaw"
    * Named Chip or Buffy
    * Wives all dress like First Ladies
    * Live in Connectthedots


    * Reputation for dishonesty, see Taffy
    * Covered with coal dust from working in mines
    * Dislike of the English
    * Sexually promiscuous
    * Always playing or watching Rugby
    * Whimsical, lyrical
    * Rowdy pub culture, but not a reputation for drunkeness or alcoholism
    * Short in stature, and dark
    * Above average musical & dramatic ability
    * Rumoured bestiality with sheep
    * Stupid language
    * Annoying accent
    * Stupid

    * Above average ability in mathematics
    * Small stature
    * Small male genitalia
    * Glabrescent
    * Poor eyesight
    * Buck teeth
    * Little or no body hair
    * Demure and passive, particularly females
    * Poor driving skills
    * Obsessed with luck, avid gamblers
    * Above average musical talent, especially in piano and strings
    * Affinity for Asian sports cars
    * Above average ability in martial arts
    * Patient
    * Poor builders/makers
    * Claustrophobia is non-existent with every and any asian
    * Can pass all video games within a matter of minutes, especially The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    * Own you in any game you can name. Yes, even rock paper scissors.
    * Can only dance in the presence of a video game screen with rising instructions
    * Think of every animal as food
    * Above averge ability in ping pong


    * Bad reputation
    * Inability to form complex thought.
    * Bad grammar, use of ebonics
    * Cunning warriors
    * Larger than average male genitalia
    * Strong, good runners and athletes
    * Excellent basketball players
    * Tribalism, and emphasis on folk culture
    * Ignorance
    * Sexually promiscuous, insatiable
    * Impoverished
    * Sold their African brothers off to slave traders
    * Myth of extra bone and/or extra tendon in foot (reason for athletic ability)
    * Supertstitious, religious
    * Affinity for transfering misfortune in the guilt of 'Whities'
    * George W. Bush doesn't care about them.
    * Easily offended
    * Gross, smelly
    * Love to eat fried chicken


    * Most serial killers are white
    * Affinity for extreme sports
    * Second only to Asians in intelligence
    * More wealth than other races
    * Consider themselves more attractive than other races
    * Take a stance of cultural superiority
    * Descended from Cro-Magnons and/or Neanderthals (Albanians only)
    * ain't got no hops
    * They like to think of themselves as better than you
    * Yoda falls under this catergory
    * math
    * Communist, left-wing, right-wing, or nazi, with little to no centrists
    * Scared of the ghetto. You know it's true.
    * Non-religious
    * Will destroy the world
    * Want to know everything
    * Smell like dogs


    * They are all Mexicans as far as Americans are concerned
    * Dark and short
    * Smelly (not in a good way)
    * Lower intelligence than whites', but higher than blacks'
    * Illegal immigrants
    * Wetbacks
    * Can't speak English properly
    * Good music
    * Very proud of their heritage; nationalistic
    * Probably mow your lawn (poorly)
    * Probably cook your food (and spit on it)
    * Gunmen and drug traffickers
    * Genitalia the same size as whites; fatter asses
    * Sexy
    * Promiscuous
    * Latin Lovers
    * Better at dancing than other races
    * Devoutly Catholic
    * Superstitious
    * Frequently brag about how great and rich their cultures are (they aren't)
    * Always talk about how unfair immigration laws are and how much their countries' economies have suffered thanks to American imperialism (whitey bashers)
    [reveal] Gay Men

    * Effeminate
    * Speak with a lisp
    * Have great fashion tastes
    * Love shopping
    * Drag queens
    * Promiscuous
    * Incredibly shallow
    * Cannot sustain a steady relationship
    * Depressed, suicidal
    * Occasional paedophilic tendencies
    * Children of gay couples are deeply traumatised, and gay


    * Butch/femme
    * Act more masculine than ordinary men
    * Man-haters
    * Most likely radical feminists


    * Promiscuous
    * Deceptive
    * Insincere
    * Hypocritical
    * Are really just closeted $#@!sexuals
    * Don't really exist
    * Everybody is one


    * Will have sex with just about anything
    * Thinks about Sex all the time
    * Is a giver, not a reciever
    * All women are one

    U.S. Regional Stereotypes
    [reveal] New Yorkers

    * Rude
    * Selfish
    * White, Puerto Rican, Italian, Jewish, or Black
    * Always in a hurry
    * Loud
    * Consider themselves better than the rest of the country

    Southern Californians

    * Valley Girl, surfer, gang member, or movie star
    * Superficial and shallow
    * Has gone through several plastic surgeries
    * Spends hours in traffic
    * Health conscious, often a vegetarian


    * Hard to understand when speaking
    * Owns a rifle
    * Racist
    * Inbred
    * Religious fanatic
    * Talk with a 7 pound **** in their mouth
    * In the South they dont have "Friends with benefits", they have "Siblings with benefits"
    * Think that anything above the Mason Dixon Line is evil.
    * Hate each other more than they hate northerners.
    * Would like you to meet their mother and their aunt...she's a nice lady.
    * Proud to be known as the Conservative States of America!
    * Klan members.


    * Live on the beach.
    * Have thick, brown, leathery skin from being out in the sun way too much.
    * Horrible drivers!
    * All originally from the Northeast.
    * Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!
    * Always sweaty.
    * Grow pot in their backyard.
    * All old people.
    * Have trouble reading butterfly ballots.
    * All have pet gators in their bathtub.
    * All have their own theories regarding the origin of Lovebugs.
    * Listen to Jimmy Buffet.
    * Constantly saying: "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."


    * Owns a ranch
    * Speaks with a twang
    * Have names like "Hightower"
    * Think they could survive as their own country
    * Host very large cookouts
    * Eat mountain oysters


    * Suicidal, boorish
    * Comfortable in sub-zero weather
    * Only people who can talk straight
    * Love beer, brats & kraut
    * Consider Chicago a foreign country
    * Consider Lake Michigan the 5th ocean
    * Males have a very large heads
    * Males are more burly than Harrison Ford
    * Females are also genrally burly
    * Wisconsin sports fans & Illinois sports fans kill each other in the mezzanine level
    * Minnesota and Illinois have declared war on each other, Wisconsin is neutral

    Northwesterners (Washington & Oregon Natives)

    * Extremely Liberal
    * Always drinking coffee or latte
    * Shop at Co-ops
    * Frequently dumpster diving
    * Wear sandals with socks year-round
    * Listen to NPR
    * Pale from lack of sun exposure
    * Refer to spouses as "My Partner" even if they're straight
    * Flannel Shirts & Grunge Music
    * Grows good pot
    * High rate of unwed mothers (all races), illegitimacy [/reveal]

    The point to this thread? Not much really, I just thought it would be interesting. thoughts? comments?
    Funny Anime Video

    I'm saving my points to buy the "Change user title" option, if you wish to help me with that, a donation would be appreciated

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    I don't anything other than malicious and naive posts coming from this thread.

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