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My guess is that susanoo is made up of the same type of chakra as a tailed beast, and as the first hokage could control them madara didnt even use it, atleast in the final fight, because whats the point if the opponent can supress it + the huge chakra cost

Susanoo once summoned using the mangekyo sharingan slowly shortens your total lifespan as said by itachi and the comment by sasuke during the kage summit arc says he felt like his whole body was dieing and painful whille even rib cage susanoo was on.
You don't miss much do you Chille?

But even during the fight with the Kages he says that there need not be as much destruction as when he fought Hashirama. Destruction of that level can be done only by Susanoo (or something not known to us). And plus Hashirama vs Madara wouldn't have been much of a fight if Madara hadn't been able to use his ace.

Yup totally right about using the Mangekyou shortens your lifespan and removes your eyesight but remember that taking Izuna's eyes was his solution to ensure that using the mangekyou doesn't affect him.

Next few chapters going to be awesome!