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You can order a replacment one from sony, thats the simple answer.

You can buy one from buy.com (again, im not sure how secure or reliable this site is)


You can buy a new official one from about any games store in the world, just shop around for one, they are about $40 or around 30 quid depending on where you live, just get the shop to order one.

Also without it the madcatz one will only be a normal battery, because it just boosts the original so there is no way of configuring it without a good PSP OS knowledge.

EDIT: Also you really should have waited, there is a new official sony power pack that either doubles or triples your battery coming out in feburary, it would have been worth the wait.
Quick question. Is this the battery that you are saying is going to be released, or is there another that's being released that I'm not aware of?