LOS ANGELES - The city attorney’s office has sued the makers of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” for allegedly hiding pornographic material inside the video game, officials said.

Rocky Delgadillo said his office sued Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., for making misleading statements in marketing the game and engaging in unfair competition.

A telephone call made after business hours to a Take-Two spokesman in New York was not returned.

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The game, released in October 2004, features characters that commit crimes such as murder, drug dealing and pimping. The game also had an embedded “mini game” in which characters could engage in explicit sexual acts.

The industry board that rates video games gave it a mature rating but would have given it an adults-only rating if it knew of the explicit content, Delgadillo said.

The game’s rating was later changed and retailers, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp. and Best Buy Co., pulled copies from their store shelves.

But the game was re-rated only after more than 12 million units had been sold, generating about $600 million in retail sales. The city attorney’s office estimated that more than 200,000 units have been sold to date in California, generating more than $10 million in retail sales.

“Businesses have an obligation to truthfully disclose the content of their products — whether in the food we eat or the entertainment we consume,” Delgadillo said.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, was part of an ongoing investigation into the marketing of video games, authorities said. The game also spurred several states to crack down on sales of mature-rated games to minors.

Delgadillo is seeking civil penalties from Rockstar Games Take-Two Interactive. He also is requesting that Take-Two and Rockstar take action to ensure full disclosure to consumers about the content of their video games.


Now here is my rant about this, a perfect example of people who try to make themselves look better by going after little crap like this. Honestly what the hell are these people thinking??? Im pretty sure because he is a attorney for the city, he wants to garner votes for upcomming elections to get him into office, you know get in good with the parents to get their vote. a Classic example of that. Here is my issue.

Notice how he wants to restrict sales of adult only content video games to MINORS. Hm in my definition a minor is what 17 and below? anywaise when they go out to purchase a game like GTA, dont the retailers ask for age prior to selling?? To my understanding they do like they did to me and i was 24 at EB games. Here is the biggie, why is it that sex is considered a no-no when gun violence, cop killing, drug usage, murder, extorsion, robbery, etc runs rampant in this game and its okay to minors by the parents??? Is society so skrewed up that we accept this stuff as normal everyday life's little quirks?? oh you know what i forgot sex is different its not a part of everyday life. LOLZ wow...image that huh??

Here is another biggie, the only way to activate this portion of the game is if the the gamer goes online, downloads the mod and runs it, which in my personal experience to hacks or mods takes a little bit of tech knowledge. Now who's fault would this be?? the minor?? the parent?? or the game developer and publishers??

How about this scenario, a game that states that there is explicit material but only through a download from the developer website can activate it, so the parents bought the minor this game and the monir found out about it then went online and downloaded the mod and then all of a sudden its a game that the prents shouldnt have bought their kid, who else to blame but the game developer right? WRONG! Its the parents and the kids.

Look my whole problem is that parents and politicians need to stop blaming other people for their own problems. (Hilary Clinton!) I dont even know what the hell she was thinking on blaming take 2 or rockstar for this, again most likely to garner votes. Anywaise I beleive its wrong that people blame the developer for their own kids mischeif and curiosity. Better yet im pretty you want to stop kids from watching X rated movies, so why dont they sure the porn industry?

I am just tired and pissed off at this non-sense the parents and politicians need to think of something else to go after than small stuff like this, like keeping drugs off school campuses and making your own neighborhood safe from crime.